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If you are having trouble with the rice cooker, you can use the Mr. Rice SC-887 Troubleshooting page to determine what is wrong.

Background and Identification

The Mr. Rice SC-887 rice cooker is a multi-functional stainless steel device, allowing users to stew soup, steam vegetables and even cook rice, porridge, fish and poultry. It has a capacity of six cups and features automatic shut-off and an independent warm switch. Users should be aware that the cooking time is determined by the amount of water used. At least one cup of water must be added to the device before cooking, but more may be added if desired. Three dimensional heating prevents food from burning. This rice cooker is produced by Sunpentown with model number SC-887. It's dimensions are as follows: 12 inches long x 9.37 inches wide x 9.84 inches high

Additional Information

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