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Refer to Nikon CoolPix S9700 Troubleshooting for help finding the cause of your trouble.

Background and Identification

The Nikon CoolPix S9700 is one of many cameras in Nikon's CoolPix series. It came out in February 2014 in three colors: Black, White and Red. It is now discontinued, but can still be found for purchase in various locations. The S9700 can be easily identified in three different areas. The upper and lower left corner of the front face (side with the lens on it), has "Nikon" and "CoolPix" respectively. The top of the flash component, has "CoolPix S9700".

The Nikon CoolPix S9700 is a small, portable camera that boasts a huge 30x optical zoom. It has many features such as WiFi and GPS capability. The S9700 doesn't have any official recalls, but does have a few common issues. Some of these include an error message on the display, the lens not operating as it should, and the WiFi not connecting to other devices.

Additional Information

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