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If you are having difficulties with the Protocol Vento, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The 2017 Vento Wifi Drone, which can be identified by its model number 6182-7RC on the box, is an easy-to-fly drone capable of live streaming and simultaneously taking still photos at 480p. The remote control operates at 2.4GHz up to 150 feet away. The drone has six-axis motion-sensitive automatic stabilizers and operates at three speeds while allowing auto launching, hovering, and landing with altitude sensors. It allows left-right, up-down, forward-backward, and side-to-side movement.

The drone is made of crash-resistant materials and provides six minutes of flight for each hour of battery charge. Two rechargeable batteries are included with the drone. More batteries and other replacement parts can easily be purchased directly from the maker. The drone extends to 9 inches in its flying position but collapses to 4.75 inches to fit in its black velvet carrying pouch.

This drone can be found online for purchase from various sellers. It is recommended for users 14 years old and up.

Additional Information

Protocol Vento Instruction Manual

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Youtube: How to fly your Protocol Vento

Protocol Vento Replacement Parts

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