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Identification and Background

Sony released the PCG-F360 model laptop in the late 90's. It features a 400 MHz processor and up to a max of 192 MB of SDRAM.

The overall design of the laptop is very consistent with the rest of 90's laptops. It is about 7.3 pounds and has a multi-purpose floppy drive bay which may hold a number of devices depending on your needs. These include an extra battery, a floppy disc reader, and a "weight saver" part to cut down on the laptop's considerable weight. There are many data ports surrounding the frame; serial port, printer port, VGA monitor, PS/2® keyboard/mouse, USB, RJ-11 phone jack, i.LINK® (IEEE-1394) S200 interface, mic-in, headphone, and a port replicator.

Some more specifications include:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98

Installed Size: 64 MB

Color: Grey

Hard Drive: 6.4 GB HDD

Optical Drive: 1 x DVD-ROM

CPU: Intel Pentium II 400 MHz

Other distinguishing features include built-in stereo speakers and a touchpad.

To definitively identify the PCG-F360, simply look at the small sticker in the lower right corner of the display. If that sticker is removed, check the large sticker on the bottom of the laptop. Both should say "PCG-F360" on them.


Despite its age, there are still several upgrades available for this device.

  • Memory: The computer we dissected had 64 MB of RAM, which can be upgraded to up to 192 MB of SDRAM.
  • Hard Drive: Larger hard drives were created after this computer was released, and upgrading it is possible, if you get the right hard drive.
  • Battery: a quick Google search found that there are still a lot of batteries out there for this device, and replacing the battery is very quick and easy by design.
  • Optical drive: If your optical drive is broken, it can easily be replaced.
  • Floppy drive: Like the optical drive, this drive is built to slide out of the computer to allow for weight reduction and for easy replacement.


Track down a number of hardware problems using the Sony PCG-F360 troubleshooting guide.

Technical Information Page (pdf)

User's Manual (pdf)

cNet Specifications

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