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If you are facing any issues with Sony XAV-AX100, please refer to: Sony XAV-AX100 Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The Sony XAV-AX100 was released in August 2016 as Sony's first project in the world of advanced car equipment. The number 100 refers to the first generation and the basic setup of the XAV lineup.

Sony XAV-AX100 introduced the ability for users to take benefit of Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto for the first time within Sony's car products. In addition, the 6.4" touchscreen has proven how user-friendly it is. The XAV-AX100 also supports the installation of a rear view camera, which can be helpful in many situations. It also makes an impressive audio experience, as it produces 4 x 55 W power amp to your car's speakers. It allows the user to navigate through roads without even laying a hand on the device, as it supports voice command via Siri by Apple or Voice Control by Android.

Since the XAV-AX100 is very similar to the AX200, there are a couple of ways to differentiate between the two devices. First, the AX200 has a clear CD input on the top of the screen, where the AX100 does not. The AX200 also provides ergonomic rotary dial for distraction-free experience for the driver, while the AX100 does not.

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