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Background Information

The Sony Xperia J is a smartphone made by SONY, it was released on August 2012, in Berlin . This phone's display has a 4.4 (100 mm) touch screen and a single 1 GHz core processor. Furthermore it contains 512 MB of RAM, and an internal storage of 4 GB that can be extended by HC/card. Also, this phone operates by using mini SIM cards.

The Sony Xperia J is available in four different colors( Black, White, Pink, and Gold). It has a very modern look having the dimensions 124.30mm x 61.20mm x 9.20mm, it has a weight of 124 gr and a very smooth surface for your hand.

Besides offering a touchscreen, this phone also has pushable buttons that allow the user to regulate the speaker's volume and to turn on/off the device. These keys are located at the upper right side of the device.

Troubleshooting Page

A link to a troubleshooting page on the device can be found below:

Sony Xperia J Troubleshooting

For more information on the device

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