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Background Information

The Sharper Image Literati tablet offers a more diverse reading experience. The screen resolution may only be 800x480, however, the Literati does offer a "night reading" mode. This feature makes reading far easier on the eyes. The Literati tablet includes five different print sizes that allow the readers to easily adjust by their preference. The screen also has several levels of brightness that are adjustable.

The Literati commonly has issues with it's battery, with numerous complaints of short battery life, or failing to turn on entirely. Both problems require a forced reset and in many cases the device will simply never working again. Even when new, reviews mentioned that it would tend to die after only four hours.

There are no know manufacture recalls for The Sharper Image Literati tablet.

The Literati was released in October 2010, and had a MSRP of $159.

Other models include the The Sharper Image Literati Digital Reader number, 1636377.

Additional Information

For additional information please visit the following websites.

Amazon page for device.

Cnet's online review.

Article from PC mag detailing the product

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