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For answers to commonly asked questions and additional help with fixing a Toshiba Satellite 2430-S255 go to this troubleshooting page

Background and Identification

The Toshiba Satellite 2430-S255 is a rather heavy and large laptop by today's standards. It has multiple color variations; the one used in this guide has a black and blue case. The standard specs of the laptop are the following:

  1. - Intel Pentium 4 Processor at 2.40GHz
  2. - 512MB of DDR SDRAM (up to 1 GB )
  3. - 40GB HDD
  4. - 15.0” TFT active matrix display
  5. - INVIDIA® GeForce4™ 420 Go graphics controller with 32MB video memory integrated into the motherboard
  6. CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo
  7. Built in network switch
  8. Dedicated media keys
  9. Stereo Sound

Aside from these specs, to recognize whether or not you own this model, check the bottom of your device for a sticker with an identification number on it. Look up the identification number listed, if a Toshiba Satellite 2430-S255 returns in the search results then you indeed have this model and thus can use these repair guides for issues you may have.

Additional Information

The following information can be found on Toshiba's support website as well:

Detailed Specs and Diagrams

Toshiba Satellite User’s Guide

Toshiba Satellite Product Tour

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