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If you are having difficulties with the WowWee CHiP Robot Dog, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

CHiP The Robot Dog was released in 2016, and is going for about $199 and has a variety of different commands and other abilities it is capable of doing . CHiP comes with a watch for the owner, a ball that CHiP can fetch, and a charging bed. This dog has multiple different functions depending on what you tell or control it to do. Unlike similar models, CHiP has a three part circle for the eyes and wheels for feet.

CHiP has many different functions. It can sit, lay down, respond to his name, run, fetch, and even dance. We have found that the wheels often fall off, the watch will sometimes not connect, and CHiP may only respond to deeper voices. Though CHiP has not had any manufacturing recalls, some problems may arise.

CHiP can come in a variety of different colors such as white, black and brown. The best way to identify CHiP is to see if it has the three part circle for eyes, a blue circle on the chest (meant for the fetching ball), and it has many wheels for each foot.

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