This guide will walk you through the procedure to remove the above grade riser pipe. You can then replace it with a new one, or perform any necessary repairs on it.


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  1. Test pump performance by pumping 40 strokes.
    • Test pump performance by pumping 40 strokes.

    • An effective pump should return at least 10 liters.

  2. Remove the two pins connecting the handle to the slider.
    • Remove the two pins connecting the handle to the slider.

    • Pull the two lever arms away from the slider.

    • Lift the two pins attaching the pump frame to the head and handle up, off of the pump frame.

    • Throughout this step, make sure you support the handle and head with at least three hands.

    • Slide the bearing rod out of the head.

    • Inspect the bearing rod and head for any wear or tear.

    • Remove the head and handle, and place them on a clean surface to prevent contamination.

    • Firmly lift the riser main slider with two hands.

    • Use caution not to drop the riser main, as this can damage the pump cylinder.

    • Use a pipe wrench to fully loosen the above grade riser pipe.

    • Lift the slider and riser main pipe.

    • Place a pump rod clamp around the rod, and tighten it securely against the pump rod.

    • Carefully lower the riser main and slider to allow it to rest on the rod clamp.

    • Loosen and remove both the pump rod jam nut and pump rod nut on the top of the slider.

    • Remove the riser main slider, and inspect it for wear and tear.

    • Set the slider in a sanitary place to prevent contamination.

    • Remove the above grade riser pipe.

    • Firmly screw a T-handle onto the pump rod.

      • If you are replacing the above ground riser main, leave the T-handle attached until you are ready to install the replacement part.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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