In this guide we will be removing the diffuser and the bottom panel of this lamp. This is necessary to access the electronic boards.

  1. WARNING Make sure that the power cord of the lamp is unplugged and thus you will not encounter any live wire that tend to hurt...
    • WARNING Make sure that the power cord of the lamp is unplugged and thus you will not encounter any live wire that tend to hurt...

    • Stand the lamp up on a table and slightly press on the top gray panel of the lamp.

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  2. Turn the lid anticlockwise.
    • Turn the lid anticlockwise.

    • The top can now be easily removed.

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    • Take off the bulb from the socket.

    • By means of a long Philips screwdriver remove the 3 screws that holds the GU5.3 light bulb socket in place.

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    • Lay the lamp down on the table.

    • With a small flat screwdriver peel off the four rubber feet hiding screws of the lamp bottom panel.

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    • With a long Philips screwdriver remove the four screws from the deep holes of the bottom panel.

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    • With a small flat screwdriver remove the bottom trim by gently levering at the snaps joining it with the command unit.

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    • Carefully remove the bottom trim.

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    • Locate the 8 plastic snap-ins that hold the diffuser attached to the bottom board of the lamp.

    • These snap-ins are strongly attaching the diffuse to the bottom board and we may have to break one or two of them in order to separate the diffuser.

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    • Cut one or two plastic snap-ins with a box-cutter.

    • This will ease to free the other plastic snap-ins without any other risk of damage. Philips must have designed this so that the lamp can not be serviced.

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    • With a small straight screwdriver free the remaining 6 snaps by simultaneously press each snap and pull the diffuser off the bottom board.

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    • Smoothly pull off the main board from the diffuser.

    • On the figure note the snap-ins in green that remain intact from the previous step and the snap-in in orange that was cut.

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    • With a pair of scissors cut the plastic clip fastener that ties the two wires of the bulb socket.

    • This step is necessary to loose the main board.

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    • Now we can go ahead with the fixing of the electronic board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I would suggest following the steps in a different order:

remove bottom trim

remove diffuser

then remove the bulb & socket, and the 4 screws from the bottom which will allow access to the main board.

Alex - Yanıt


The guide was very helpful as I just received such lamp for checking from one friend.

I would make only make one correction: you do not have to cut the plastic snap-ins, none of them.

If you use an IPhone opening toll kit, with those plastic levers as here:

Plastic Opening Tools

then you can open it easy, without any scratches.

Victor - Yanıt

Excellent guide. I did, however, not have to cut off any off the plastic snap-ins from step 9. Used a bigger screwdriver and gently used a bit of force, and one-by-one they came off.

kostermw - Yanıt

im wondering whether its possible to overwrite the wake sounds...

Chris Mair - Yanıt

Thank you so much for this guide. Was just about to give up on my lamp and buy and inferior led version when I found this.

These steps also work for the 3740 but the tabs holding the shade on (steps 8-10) are a different style. More like the ones on the bottom trim piece. Had to really work them and muscle that part off.

My ceramic bulb holder is severely corroded to the point where the light will only turn on if you jiggle the bulb. A little sad to see that the wires going to it are permanently attached on both ends. Now that the whole thing is apart. I'm going to see if I can source a new bulb holder and splice it onto the top...

Griffin - Yanıt

Hello, I have the main fuse on the PCB card "Sparrow Power" out of service, I search one wiring diagram of this PCB, or spare part....

Seb - Yanıt


Thanks for this "opening guide". I have too the main fuse on the "Sparrow Power PCB" out of service. Well, I think I have 2 fuses out of service : the first in square plastic has reference "T1.25AL 250V" so I can find new one, but the second was a blue disk on PCB with "FU1" label. Anyone know the value for this FU1 component (fuse I suppose)? Thank in advance for your help!

didix - Yanıt

It seems the second component (blue disk) is a varistor with reference '07 K 250' and I found a varistor from Epcos with this reference.

If it can help anyone.

didix - Yanıt

to disassmble the diffuser you can stick 8 wooden clothes pegs in the snaps to hold them open simutaneously. then you can easily pull the diffuser of without damage. therefore it ist better to lose the three bottom srews afterwards, so that the inner part sticks as one peace together.

Thank you very much for this guide!!

heinz111 - Yanıt

Tow of the buttons on my Wake up light are not working / got mixed up in their function: 1) Light up is only changing the clock upwards 2) select + button is selecting the menu, just like the menu instead of changing the clock (instead thats what the light button is doing). …I dismantled everything but can’t find out what is causing this mixed up buttons problem. (not an expert at all in electronics). Any suggestions on what to do?

Kimsn - Yanıt

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