My washing machine was about 6 years old which appears to be about the age the suspension rods fail. The rods are full of oil which eventually leaks out. Additionally there are rubber straps which connect the rods to the drum chassis which stretch over time. It is worth replacing both at the same time. Surprisingly, this is a relatively easy fix and will save you big dollars doing it yourself. Check that you don't have a soap scum build up on the drum before commencing this repair first. You can look down the detergent cap recess after removing the cover to inspect the outside of the drum. I didn't have any so I went ahead and changed the rods and rubber hangers.

  1. First step is to disconnect power.
    • First step is to disconnect power.

    • Then disconnect all the hoses at the back and move the machine to a place where you have some room to work.

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  2. Removing the lid is the easiest part. Just push back until the lid is perpendicular with the top of the machine, then lift upwards and it will release.
    • Removing the lid is the easiest part. Just push back until the lid is perpendicular with the top of the machine, then lift upwards and it will release.

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    • Simply pry off the plastic screw covers then unscrew the two forward screws. Note there is no need to remove the cover, just tilt it backwards on its hinge to gain access. Be careful with hoses and electrical wires at the back of the cover.

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    • I used an old coat hanger to suspend the plastic cover out of the way by hooking it onto the trolley that I used to move the washing machine. This gives you access to the 4 rubber straps and 4 suspension rods.

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    • You will see there are four rubber straps, one in each corner. I decided to replace these as well just to be on the safe side. When the old and new rubber straps were placed next to each other there was a significant difference in length. Just pull them straight off.

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    • The metal cylinder down the end is full of oil which leaks out over time. When I removed this one it was very greasy. Note the rear right rod has a bend in it and is unique to the other three. Ensure you identify this one first prior to commencing.

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    • Place your left hand under the drum rim and support it. Remove and replace one rod at a time. You don't want the weight of the drum on the motor and pump below as you may break something underneath. By replacing them one at a time, the other three can help support the weight of the drum.

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    • To remove the rods lift the plastic hanger off the chassis and then jiggle the bottom part of the rod out of the slotted holder. There are no fasteners holding the rods in place. Its just the weight of the drum holding them in place.

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    • There is a clip half way down the rear right rod that needs to be undone. You also need to move the hoses and electrical looms out from under the plastic hanger prior to removing the rod. To remove the rods lift the plastic hanger off the chassis and then jiggle the bottom part of the rod out of the slotted holder.

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    • Once you have replaced all of the suspension rods and rubber straps you can reassemble the washing machine cover and lid. Then you are finished. My washing machine ran beautifully after I completed this repair. Best of luck to you.

    Excellent instructions. Thank you very much. The only difference I noticed was all the rods were the same. But just completed the repair and all works fine now. Cheers

    Paul Hagan - Yanıt

    Thank you very very much for these instructions,followed them,fitted new rods and rubbers and it works great again.


    Rex Gredig - Yanıt

    A job well done ,happy wife happy life

    david Lyon - Yanıt

    Thank You so much, our aquasmart machine was repeatedly stopping with load out a balance and it just got worse. I googled, found your instructions, ordered the parts from F&P online here in 2 days and my 17 yr old son helped with the replacement. Your instructions were spot on and the task was done and dusted quickly and machine up and running like new. Thank You.

    anna haycock - Yanıt

    Thank you so much!! My aquasmart was constantly going off balance so I turned to Google and found these instructions. Ordered the parts from F&P and replaced the rods and rubber bands today. It was really easy. I did a small load afterwards as a test run and it didn’t go off balance once. Thanks for sharing! Michelle

    Michelle B - Yanıt

    Brilliant - just replaced the rods and straps in the machine, it was occurring for some time and I was going to replace the machine until I cam across this post. Saved me considerable $$$ and it is running like new, for just $135!

    Mark Komarnycki - Yanıt

    Thank you for these instructions. I purchased the f&p rod set from my local appliance store, which had 4 straight rods, however when I opened the machine up, the rear right rod was bent per your instructions. Called the store and they swore that it should be straight and that there was no such thing as a set with one bent rod… so I just replaced the old bent rod with my new straight rod. It is also worth mentioning for others that the clip that attaches to the back right rod was very difficult to remove from the rod and in the end I really had to force it off and bend the old rod to get the correct angle.

    I also replaced the rubber necking / bands (some of which were broken or hanging completely loose) but couldn’t work out from your instructions whether the bobble (?) at the end of each strap should be up or down (ie whether it should slide into its holder bobble-first - and I could do this by jamming it in - or if the bobble goes in last). In the end i put it in bobble-last and that seemed correct.

    michelle.slater - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Amazing guide. Super easy to follow and did just as promised. I barely know which end of a screwdriver to use but I had no trouble following the instructions and photos which made the job simple. $100 for parts and this guide and I have my washing machine back as good as new. You saved me at least $500 and the hassle of getting a new washer. Cant thank you enough or rate this guide highly enough. Well done sir.

Glenny - Yanıt

My pleasure, you just made it all worthwhile Glenny

James - Yanıt


What was the reason you changed these parts out. Was it going out of balance in rinse and spin or were you getting codes. I have this issue, it goes badly out of balance on the rinse and spin cycles. The Tech that came out (under warranty) thinks it is the electronic module or motor. He is ordering both parts. I think it is the rods and rubber straps as we don't get any codes just the washer trying to walk out of the room! Nice guide by the way.

jmckillop - Yanıt


Unfortunately, being amateurs I guess we are always having to gamble when we take the plunge and buy parts. From my research the warn out rods is a common issue. Overtime they lose the oil out of the cylinders. If it's possible to get your fingers down at the base of the rods you might find that they are leaking oil which causes the problem. However if your washing machine is under warranty I'm guessing its newish. This problem seems to occur as they get older, possibly over 5 years. To answer your question, the problem I had was that it was going out of balance during rinse and spin and then just stopping, whilst making beeping noises and lights etc. the shaking was extremely violent. Hope this helps. Anymore questions don't hesitate to ask.

James -


Thanks for the reply. Mine is a bit over two years old. Worked perfectly till two weeks ago and then out of balance on rinse. We were able to redistribute the clothes and it would work but it gradually got worse and worse. Covered under the extended warranty and now waiting on the parts to arrive. The repair tech thinks it is the control module or motor, I disagree but I am not a repair tech. He was not going to order the rods but I convinced him to order them and the bands at the same time so we are not without the washer for two weeks. Tried to do a small load and it went out of balance so bad it was bouncing. I think one of the rods lost the oil then the others gave out gradually making the problem worse. Thanks for the great post and pics, I'll let you know how it goes. Up till two weeks ago it was the best washer we have ever owned. The only issue is parts seem to take a while to arrive.

jmckillop - Yanıt

Thanks James,

Great guide. Mine's a 93125-A.

One of the four was leaking oil. Have replaced all but kept good three for spares.

An easy job to replace, i just followed your instructions.

I initially blamed the missus not loading right but even with light loads it would stop on rinse cycle. Replacing suspension rods has resolved and now all back to normal operations. Cheers.

stormin - Yanıt

No worries Stormin, glad the guide helped.

James - Yanıt

I am super excited I fixed my washing machine! Thanks so much... It was really rewarding and kinda fun. I'm a bit surprised I could do it! I'm going to send myself the bill!!

numgutz - Yanıt

Thanks Numgutz, better off with the money in your pocket

James - Yanıt

After having all the same issues with my washine machine of nearly identical age and model, I decided to inspect the suspension rods... And discovered to my surprise they were not the same as yours (at least to look at)! Instead they are an open spring where the [oil ram?] should be. Above the spring is a plastic washer (effectively) on which the drum rests. It is quite a fancy washer in that it appears to be self-lubricating (or perhaps more intended to dampen rebound), by means of a sponge insert and a grease reservoir incorporated into its structure. The grease is really quite sticky and the washers are quite reluctant to slide along the rod. I wonder if this is intended or is due to deterioration...

Adam Gilbert - Yanıt

Hi Adam,

I found a set of suspension rods with that same damper design in an Auasmart washer at the local tip. Although yours might have a problem, they appear to be a more reliable design with a black plastic tube sliding through a felt gland. The gland is compressed by the spring force going through it. I'm hoping that I had found a new improved design that will replace the poorly designed shiny tube type. I'm wondering if someone knows more about these rods?

There is another possible cause of OOB. The holes in the metal part of the bowl become blocked, not allowing the water to completely escape during spin.

xavier -

Interesting Adam, wasn't aware there were other types of shock rods. Sounds like you may have a more advanced model. Moving parts are usually the culprit.

James - Yanıt

Fantastic guide! I bought the parts and repaired my machine, and then my daughter's in one morning- too easy!! Oh to have a machine that spins properly again!!! Thank you :)

Lee C - Yanıt

Where did you by the parts from ??

I need my washing machine back

Amber -

Glad to help Lee

James - Yanıt

Found this tutorial while researching solutions for an out of balance Fisher & Paykel. It was spot on, thank you very much.

Just finished replacing the rods and washer is like new again. Before replacement, even a slow spin cycle would shake violently. Problem solved!

Derek - Yanıt

Googled the problem and found this very clear to follow solution that gave me the confidence to have a go myself rather than pay a technician. Replaced the rods this morning and runs like a dream. Thanks very much

Mark - Yanıt

Extremely clear guide. Even with small loads the machine would stop with an out of balance alarm. I replaced the rods and bands in about 15min and the problem was gone.

Martin Hampton - Yanıt

Hey our Aquasmart washing machine went out of balance every cycle. I watched the above instructions. Went to the appliance shop bought the parts and installed them in about 15-20 mins. THANKS SO MUCH>>> you gave me the confidence I needed to tackle this. IT really is sooooo easy...

peter - Yanıt

No problem guys, glad the guide helped.

James - Yanıt

Thank you thank you thank you. Tried this and the machine is as good as new. so easy!

Nancy - Yanıt

By the way, for those about to try this - I'm in Australia and bought the suspension kit from .Parts arrived in a few days. Just had to find model number on the back of the machine to ensure the right kit was purchased. It cost me about $116 ex postage. Would have cost at least $150 to get the technician to take a look plus so much more. Thanks again James.

Nancy - Yanıt

oh sounds good , mine is doing the same wont spin bangs like crazy and stops , , has any one got a f/p tech to fix this , to compare costs thanks , not sure if i can do thanks Kim

kity67 - Yanıt

This is the best guide I've found by goggling. Machine was out of balance and making violent.. banging noise at the last cycle. In the end, I bought suspension kit and straps from F&P online with no postage required for $116.60 and pretty much arriving to my house the next day. Hubby and I changed the parts and machine is all good again.

I showed to my friend this website a few weeks later and found out that she got the same problem for the same machine. I ordered parts and we went to her house and changed for her.

Thank you so much, James!


LilyC - Yanıt

I'm very happy to see others are finding this guide was helpful. Thanks for the feedback LilyC, and Nancy.

James - Yanıt

Thank you so much for your clear guide on how to fix. I had the same out of balance issue in my 6 yo Aquasmart. Purchased the parts on line and replaced them myself. It was just as easy as you said, thanks to your guide.

Now to the mountain of washing that has accumulated....

Thanks again.

Fran - Yanıt

No probs Fran, sorry about all the washing you will need to do now.

James - Yanıt

I had same issues with Aquasmart machine shaking violantly and researching problem found your guide.I lifted top of machine up as you described and saw two leaking rods and two broken bands.I ordered directly from fisher @ paykel for $125 free delivery and recieved in two days.Replacing as you suggested was very easy but all my replacement rods are straight,no bent one.Where the right rear one has the hose connected to it is the same place the bend occurs.l guess the hose and clamp are so rigid over time this puts the bend in that rod.I loosely cable tied the hose to the rod to keep it away from bowl but not to tight to cause same problem as the clamp.Thanks for the guide ,saved me time and money,

D Morgan.

Darryn - Yanıt

HI James our machine is stopping at every rinse and spin cycle. When it try's to spin it make s two or three funny loud unusal banging sounds and then just stops and sits there. Eventually it re-sets its self and goes back to the beginning. David called the service man out and because it won't give him an error code he is assuming it is the electronic board and has ordered a new one. The fact it is not giving us an error makes me wonder as well if is is the mother board however my gut has been telling me all along it is the balance and it doesn't seem to want to spin. The part wont be here until next Thursday so I decided to investigate myself and found your amazing tutorial and I am thinking it may be the problem. our machine is just over 6 years old and as far as I am away have never had the belts and rods re-placed. Before I buy them if I open the machine up will I be able to tell if this could be the problem. Thanks Louise

Louise McLean - Yanıt

Hi Louise, yes I would recommend lifting up the machine. Then feel around the base of the shock rod cylinders for oil or grease. Once the cylinders start leaking, you will get the over balance issues. There's always a possibility that a control might be to blame, however from my experience in the maintenance world, when in doubt always blame the moving part first.

James - Yanıt

I have the same problem with our aquasmart.

I have ordered some replacement rods and have had a trial run at removing the existing rods. I follow the instructions but can't jiggle the bottom end of the rod out. There seems to be a red clip holding it in place. Before I go any further does anyone have any advice?

Mike - Yanıt

It is Mike again. Fixed the problem. Jiggling the rods to get them out is not enough. There are small clips on the red housing that needs to be unclipped.

Mike -

I can't seem to get the cover back in the correct position. It's as if the bowl is sitting too high and the hoses are preventing it from closing correctly. Not sure what to do.

Laura - Yanıt

Did you get this resolved?

mike -

My washer was breakdancing around the garage and shutting down. Found this page online in a Google search, James you're a legend! Your guidance gave me the confidence to Tackle this by myself and save me a ton of money. After Ordering the parts on a Tuesday, they were delivered on Saturday, I went straight to work and had the rods and rubber strapped swapped out and a load going in less than 30 minutes. Best of all my wife is super pumped. thanks!!!! Mike

mike - Yanıt

Thanks for sharing your fixit guide machine was doing exactly the same as everyone else' glad i found your post. Ordered the parts from Fisher and Paykel...had them the next day...took about half an hour to fit everything and washing is back to normal...fantastic...cant thank you enough...saved a bundle getting a repairman in or buying a new one. Cheers, Gerry

Gerry Ferguson - Yanıt

Thanks Jame. can't wait to it try next weekend . Just wondering do you have video instruction too ? Jason

Jason - Yanıt

Thanks work!

Jason - Yanıt

What is part number for the rubber hanger straps? Product 96178-B

James - Yanıt

On the Fisher and Paykel Website they're called Neck straps. I called them to double check before I ordered mine online as well as the Suspension Rods. Be careful ordering the Rods as they advertise 2 different types and it's the second lot that fit the Models WL70 and WL80 only.

ashmore_angel3 -

We had same issue bought the suspension rods and dampeners and replaced easily .. having never tried anything like this before. Unfortunately in our case this did not solve issue as still would not spin... in diagnosing we did not consider the "freight train"noise it had been making for some months was another issue. So we have now replaced the machine . Upshot is we have some almost new suspension rods and 4 plastic dampeners available very cheaply.

deb - Yanıt

Hey Deb, how much are you selling your rods and dampners for?

Jolene Tuhaka -

Deb where are you located?

James - Yanıt

Well finally received my rods and installed them.Very easy job and the washer now functions like new. Thanks James.

James - Yanıt

Great guide easy as to change out , took me 30 mins total start to finish. Although I could only see one of the suspension rods leaking so I think I could have got away with just replacing the rubber straps only. My advice would be try this first and will save you even more money. I think the main problem was the straps as they were very stretched around 30mm on each side . Thanks for this excellent guide made it extremely easy to fix - Adam

jenandadams - Yanıt

Thanks James for the guide. Problem fixed. Cheers Tam

Tam - Yanıt

Awesome guide seems easy .

Were was the fastest place to order the parts from


barrels4me - Yanıt

When you ordered parts, did the rubber straps come with the suspension rods? I can't find them anywhere on the parts list. Mine is model # GWL 11-96151.

Thanks, Annie

annieb60 - Yanıt

Hi Annie, the rubber straps are sold separately. When I rang up to order the rods, I asked for the rubber straps that went with them. If you give the vendor the washing machine model number they should be able to give you the rubber strap part number too. I went through the below site

James - Yanıt

Fairly easy fix took about 25 minutes. The hardest rod to replace was the back right, I needed help to take the weight of the drum to get the rod out. Test load in machine now but noticed much reduced spin area. Fingers crossed. Thanks for easy to follow instructions!

Kaylene Mullard - Yanıt

When I told my husband I was going to fix our washing machine he laughed & handed me the credit card to just go buy a new one (that we couldn't afford!) Ha! In his face! Me, a mere woman! I fixed it! Thank you for this post! You saved us so much money!

Rachel Collins - Yanıt

No problem Rachel, in my experience, fear is the main reason that most people don't fix things themselves. Hopefully, you will use this win to keep going with DIY repairs.

James - Yanıt

Brilliant. Fixed mine in 15 minutes. Bit tricky unhooking the clip on the back right but got there in the end . Managed to clean oil off the floor under washer at same time. Thanks

jennifer.mcintyre - Yanıt

MY problem is not out of balance, IT makes a much louder sound (almost echoy) if that is a word. So the SPIN is much louder then what it use to be is it the rods? or something else??

Darlene - Yanıt

Hi James, followed this instruction easily but got a bit worried on Step 6 as there was no bend on my rear right rod, looked at old one of the machine or looked for a bend on the new ones, nothing. They are all in and it is working so just thinking that some models (93251-A in this case) may be a bit different. I think I spent more time looking for the bent rod than fixing it :)

So if you have this model, don't be surprised if it doesn't have a bent one. Also the rear right clip may have bent the rod when it was out of balance, just thinking out loud.

Steve Parkes - Yanıt

I feel so lucky I found this link. I, sure you've saved me $500 on getting a repairman to come and fix my poor machine ( it was either that or I was going to put a sledge hammer to it!). So $130 later and half an hour of my hubby and I fitting the new rods and straps I have a machine that works a treat....not my idea of fun an a Friday night but it works! I was so lucky to find a local supplier of these parts too. Thankyou so much for the easy to follow instructions , they made it so simple. The only thing that was different was our back right hand side rod wasn't a different shape to the others but that might be due to the age of the machine and after confirming all the rods were the same with the news ones we just flew through replacing them. Thankyou again

Gabee Ryan - Yanıt

Hi James, sorry for the stupid question. You mentioned that the rear right rod is unique and different from the other three, is it by design or a damaged suspension rod.


Vikram Goday - Yanıt

Hi Vikram, hard to say whether it was design or damage. Although off memory I believe I had a new replacement rod with a bend too. Which led me to believe it was design on my model. Although in the comments above plenty of others didn't have the bend.

James - Yanıt

Thank you for this guide. It was super easy to follow and saved me a tremendous amount of money. I ordered the wrong part the first time. So make sure you double check what washer you have etc. Our rear right rod was not misshapen either. I was worried there for a minute. It works so well now though. I did so much was today and I did it fast. Thanks again!

sean.orourke - Yanıt

Hi, where would I be able to source these parts from. I'm in east Auckland , any ideas would be much appreciated .thanks


Mike - Yanıt

Thank you so much for your presentation and everyone else's comments. I have the same problem violent spin/halting problem. As previously suggested, looking down at where the rod is seated there was yellow water that looked and felt suspicious. Once I wriggled the rod out of its seat, sure enough, I could feel the oil. It was just too easy to check thanks to your instruction. I ordered the rods for my aquasmart off ebay for $98 (including postage). Cheers.

Lee-Anne Huntly - Yanıt

What can I say? James you are a legend!! What better Mother's Day gift could a husband give his wife and family than a working washing machine. Picked up the parts this morning and had the job done in 30 minutes. I also checked that the machine was leveled properly as this may have accelerated the wearing out of the parts replaced. Thanks.


No worries, pleasure.

James - Yanıt

The repair sounds relatively easy, but I think when the drum fell it may have damaged the motor as there was a distinct "electrical" smell. How do I tell if the motor is damaged and if it is would it be cheaper/easier to just buy a new one?

samanfa - Yanıt

Our washer stopped working amid cycle after a crack sound and I noticed that the bucket appeared "dislocated". Upon closer inspection it seemedlike atleast one of the suspension rods was broken. I am going to open up the top (per these instructions Thanks James!) later today and take a closer look. Most of the comments here are from people who replaced the rods before they were broken. Given that mine broke while it was running, what is the likelyhood that something else also got damaged. Our washer is 12 years old - wondering if its even worth attempting this repair. Would appreciate your feedback/thoughts?

Roger Bensont - Yanıt

Thank you so much! My dad and I fixed it thanks to your instructions!!!

Sandra Mendoza - Yanıt

James, thanks so much for your comprehensive & step by step guide to to replace the suspension rods & straps which enabled me to order the correct parts from Fisher & Paykel and fix the problem with our machine going out of balance & stopping on both rinse & spin cycles. It works just like a new again & have no further problems in the last six(6) months saving us having to outlay for a new machine. You are brilliant and I appreciate that you have passed on your knowledge and experience. Brian 31 July 2017

Brian McCormack - Yanıt

Thanks so much for the clear instructions. We just completed the fix. The rubber straps were much longer than the new ones. The machine had been running since 2006/7 with out a hitch until the balance went.

Camilla Franklin - Yanıt

Really useful guide, gives confidence pre start.

Parts were $130 - set of rods and set of straps - in Australia from Doug Smith spares in Pymble.

Only issue was the indentation in the back left corner bracket got stuck a bit hard in the frame ended up bending the frame; fixed with pliers and a bit of car enamel i had.

Re bowl support i made up a simple frame from a piece of 25x40 timber 510 long- drilled 60 from each end ; this fits inside the bowl; 2 threaded rods 200 mm or longer and a piece of 25 x 40 x 800 with matching holes goes across the outer frame; - make this up like a double barred H ; you can screw up the inside piece to hold gthe bowl up while you are working on it

jcroker - Yanıt

after 3 washes working like a new one. I can upload pix of my support frame if wanted.

James, many thanks for a great guide

jcroker - Yanıt

Good to hear jcroker, feel free to upload your pics. If you need me to do something let me know.

James - Yanıt

can you fix the rods

tracy george - Yanıt

Fantastic! Worked like a charm and spinning is now as smooth as when we first bought the machine. Thanks a lot!


A. Meier - Yanıt

I was ready to trash my washer and buy a new one because it kept going way out of balance no matter the load. I thought I would try to find a fix just one more time. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I followed your instructions and now I have my washer back in perfect working order! You saved me a bunch !!!! Thank you again!!

Niswander - Yanıt

Wow! This could not have been more perfect! Both washer & dryer went on the blink at the same time. Service call was going to cost $130.00 JUST to come look at them, as well as any parts $$ and $80.00/hr to fix! After guess-timating it would cost around $500 to have someone else check it out/fix it, I went internet searching and came across your guide describing my exact problem. Great step-by-step, well-written instructions and images to show details. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post this. This repair couldn’t have been easier. My washer is now running like a champ. Highly recommend this guide to anyone with this washer. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Kim Fillmore - Yanıt

Great post thank you.

Easy to follow and saved me $$$$

my spares i got from

Ken Styles - Yanıt

I just replaced the rods and rubbers and it is working perfectly and it did only take me 30 mins. I had to push rods out with screws driver as red caps had small latches on them but it was easy. Thank you so much for the tutorial and the pics were invaluable. Mandy

Amanda stephens - Yanıt

This tutorial was awesome my machine nowmworking perfectly again. Thank you soo much.

Amanda stephens - Yanıt

No problem Amanda, gives me great satisfaction to see that the guide has helped so many people. Let’s face it, we pay a lot for labour in this country. Hopefully those that this guide has helped, will put their own guides up in the future for other items.

James - Yanıt

Another huge thanks to James for this tutorial. Successfully replaced the 4 rods and straps in our machine.

In our case, the 2 rear straps were the likely fault, one had come undone, another had snapped. But I replaced the 4 rods and straps in the one go.

As Ken notes above, online appliance parts is where I got mine - ordered on Sunday, in my letterbox on Wednesday.

Ours had 4 rods the same, none had a bend.

Replacing the first rod and strap took about 5 minutes, just going slowly. By the 4th one it took all of a minute as I knew exactly what to do.

I earned some husband points today! :-)

Stephen Jay - Yanıt

Hi I just want to know if Im on the right track. I looked up the parts manual and I think I have the correct ones. Can you confirm?

Suspension Kit (pkt 4) I take this to mean 4 rods?

Strap Moulded Straight (pkt 4) I take that to mean the rubber straps?

Where did you get them from?


Chris Redler -

Dare I say: “What rubber straps”

Also": if the rods have broken, are they meant to have bent the sheetmetal they’re attached to?”

Awesome howto for diagnosing, cheers. A shame that mine is so stuffed. for now, I’ve screwed timber supports everywhere to help the brocken mounting points.

I should put some rubber straps in, it might make it last a mite longer.

Thanks again for this awesomely simple tutorial.

I was about to turn it upside down to try and fix from that crappy access.

Hamish Lucas - Yanıt

Success! This old grandma got the parts and fixed the washer! OKI have some scratches but I did it! No handyman, just a handy woman with excellent directions from you James. The top right suspension rod is the tricky one but eventually I did it. My washer is purring and so am I. Thank you James!

brenda scofield - Yanıt

Success! This old Grandma went to the shop, got the parts and fitted them! My machine is purring and so am I. OK, I have some scratches (wear gloves) but also have a sense of getting it working without a handyman, just a handy woman. If someone in their seventies can do it, anyone can.

Thank you James. Excellent instructions. The top right rod is the most difficult. The clip on mine wasn’t going to budge for ages but I wouldn’t give up.

brenda scofield - Yanıt

Thanks James

I also diagnosed the problem thanks to this blog. The repair person didnt!

I have replaced the rods myself and the machine is working fine. Im feeling rather proud of myself.

Thanks heaps

Gizmo - Yanıt

I have been pleased to find this helpful information.  My biggest disappointment is that the “Out Of Balance” problem has been experienced by so many people.  I cannot help feeling that this problem could even be described as a “design flaw”.

Does anyone have an opinion, or actual information, about whether these “shock absorber” mechanisms can be serviced, or recharged with oil?

Thanks, Wilfred

Wilfred Kube - Yanıt

Hi James, your guide inspired me to fix my WL80 washing machine. Our machine is 7 years old and has had heavy use, but recently it was almost unusable, continually was going out of balance. I purchased parts directly from the manufacturer (finding the prices better than other dealers!), replacing both struts and bands using your instructions. I did note one band I replaced had a small tear and was on its last legs while the struts had no give left in them at all - just worn out.

We have just completed 3 washes now without any issue and delighted.

We actually do like this washing machine and your guide saved us buying another - which helps when on a tight budget.

Thanks so much



Peter van Schaik - Yanıt

Hi amazing instructions!!! But mine is a Washsmart how I remove the cover lol. It doesn't have the little plastic bit to remove it. It is different altogether and am so confused and can not find any other instructions besides these. Mine is an Australian model but I think they are all the same. Model # WA1068G1 Washsmart 10kg

Marieka Zanin - Yanıt

hi there, just wondering if you found the instructions for the washsmart ? I am after them as well!

mixologist -

You’re a legend James. thanks for posting this. we found the post, it sounded just like our problem, my not-so-handy-hubby ordered and parts and followed your instructions, and machine now working perfectly. thank you thank you thank you!!!!! you saved us a wad of cash in call out fees and/or new machine!

Nicole - Yanıt

Hi James where do you stay, how much do you charge to change?

Vivienne Harris - Yanıt

Thank you so much. Easiest appliance repair ever! I didn’t even move the machine - replaced everything standing in front of the machine. AMAZING. Did this 3 days ago - today the dryer belt broke. HA!

Arlin Buckwalter - Yanıt

Thank you so much James for this fantastic guide. I’ve spent the day researching new washing machines and found your repair in the nick of time! Anyone know where to get these parts over the weekend?

Yvonne - Yanıt

Thank you James!!! This was amazing! So quick and easy - ordered the parts from Fisher Paykel and did everything ourselves.

ccoyle - Yanıt

Thanks so much for this post. I am facing the same prob at the moment. My F&P model is >> WL70T60D and Product 93127 - A

Can someone suggest the best place to by these parts ?

Thanks a lot James.

Balaje Radhakrishnan - Yanıt

Does anyone know how to take off the top of a similar Fisher and Paykel machine I have, a washsmart WA1068G1

It doesn't have any screws at the front ?

Gavin Sanna - Yanıt

I just found out how to do this , there are 4 screws at back of display panel , but first you must take off display panel, which has 2 screws and take care to take off all wiring going back into the machine , take lots of photos and disconnect the wires that stop you from taking the top off.

Also , remember to disconnect the hoses and turn water off.

I did this and then just followed the rest of the above instructions , by the way , for the WA1068G1 you don’t need the bands , just the 4 suspensions rods will do, the kit costs $107.42 from your nearest parts supplier . My machine is like new again .

Gavin Sanna - Yanıt

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