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How to Powerwash reset a Chromebook

    • All Local files and settings will be erased once the device is Powerwashed.

    • While most of Chrome OS' files are specific to the user's account there are still some files that are stored locally, and will be permanently deleted once Powerwashed.

    • Any files that are saved to your devices local drive are often stored in the Downloads folder. This folder should always be backed up to either an external device, or your Google Drive before the Powerwash process.

    • Any Google Accounts that were previously used on the device will be removed once the device is Powerwashed, along with settings that are associated with the account. These accounts can be rested to the device, given that you have the account information beforehand.

    • If you intend on turning your device over to a new owner, do not ender your account information once the process it complete.

    • Open the Chrome Browser and click the menu button (three vertically-aligned dots).

    • Select Settings and choose Advanced.

    • Scroll down until you locate the Reset settings section, and choose the Powerwash option.

    • A dialog box titled Restart your device will be displayed. Click on Restart. The device will restart and the Powerwash process will be complete.

    • From the login screen, press the following the keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + Alt + R

    • A window will appear titled Reset this Chrome device. Choose the Restart option to begin the process. The device will restart.

    • Once the device is reset, a new window will display. Click the Powerwash button, and confirm the Powerwash by clicking Continue.


Once the process is complete, simply follow the on screen instructions to log back in. If you intend on giving your device to a new owner, then you are finished.

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