Contrary to popular belief, washing your gear extends it's life. When you come home from a week on the Blackfoot River, don't just dump your waders in a pile in the garage, wash and dry them.

Washing and drying your waders will extend their life, prevent mold and mildew, and have you ready to get back out on the river in the drop of a fly.

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Grab your waders and shake out any excess dirt.
  • Grab your waders and shake out any excess dirt.

  • Zip up any zippers on your waders.

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Untangle the buckles.
  • Untangle the buckles.

  • Close or clip any fasteners on your buckles.

If your washer has an agitator, be careful not to get your suspenders caught over the agitator as it will damage your suspenders. Stuff your suspenders inside the waders prior to washing.

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  • Put your waders in the washing machine.

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  • Add the technical clothing detergent to the washing machine.

  • Each detergent is slightly different, so you'll want to follow the directions on the package to determine the amount you'll need.

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  • Set the load size on the washing machine to small.

  • Set the water temperature on the washing machine to cold/cold.

  • Some technical washes need to be heat-set, so you'll want to check the directions on the package to determine the best water temperature for your brand of tech wash.

  • Run the washing machine on a gentle or normal wash cycle.

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  • Once the washer has stopped, run the rinse cycle a second time.

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  • Hang up your waders to dry. You can do this on a laundry line, ladder, or tree branch.

  • Once you are sure that the waders are completely dry, turn them inside-out and allow the inside to dry completely.

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  • Alternatively, you can put your waders in the dryer.

  • Place your waders in the dryer.

  • Set the dryer to a normal dry-cycle time on low heat.

  • Start the dryer.

  • You may have to run the dryer for several cycles to get your waders completely dry. Be patient, making sure you rearrange your waders inside the dryer for best results. Make sure they are dry inside and out to prevent the appearance of mold or mildew.

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