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How to fix Mobee Magic Mouse disconnection issues

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Peter Barnett

Üyelik tarihi: 09/04/16

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I disassembled the Mobee battery pack by removing the 2 tiny screws holding the battery-cover together. One of the batteries had both poles covered with small pieces of greyish tape. Looked like someone forgot to remove them at assembly. I removed the tape. Works well now.



YatLok Mok - Yanıt

I thought I had to buy a new mouse until I found this. Foil proved it. Now for the permanent fix with the solder! Thank you.

Steve Gilbert - Yanıt

The batteries inside the mobee are AAA, not AA. I replaced them some time ago :)

Arjen Gerstel - Yanıt

I use regular rechargeable batteries, not Mobee ones, but also had a lot of random disconnects. Had read all I could find on the subject but no luck. Finally understood that the problem is on the pointy end of the batteries! So far so good, no more disconnects! Thank you!

cazumanc - Yanıt

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