Replace the Wi-Fi board in your 3DS so you can get back on the Nintendo eShop.

  1. Unscrew the four Phillips #00 screws along the top of the back cover.
    • Unscrew the four Phillips #00 screws along the top of the back cover.

    • The screws are held in place by locking washers, and will not come out of the back cover.

    • The comments section is full of unlucky souls who will tell you that the screws here through step 4 will strip incredibly easily. Press down fairly hard, and go slow.

  2. Hold the device in one hand and turn it over.
    • Hold the device in one hand and turn it over.

    • Grab the top edge of the back cover with your opposite hand so that the cover does not fall back into place.

    • Flip the 3DS over again so that the back cover is facing up.

    • Pull the back cover up and away from the rest of the device to remove it.

    • Insert a plastic opening tool into the notch in the lower case above the battery.

    • Pry the battery up with the plastic opening tool.

    • Grab the top edge of the battery and lift it out of the lower case.

    • Remove the nine 6.3 mm black Phillips screws from the lower case.

    • Remove the 2.4 mm silver Phillips screw above the game cartridge slot.

    • Lift the bottom edge of the lower case off the rest of the 3DS.

    • There are still two ribbon cables connecting the mother board to the case, so be sure not to pull the lower case all the way off.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the shoulder button ribbon cables off their sockets on the motherboard.

    • Remove the lower case from the device.

    • Slide the flat end of a spudger under the corner of the Wi-Fi board, and lift it away from the motherboard.

    • The Wi-Fi antenna cable is still connected to the Wi-Fi board, so you cannot completely remove the Wi-Fi board yet.

    • Lift the Wi-Fi board off the motherboard and rotate it so that the bottom side is facing up.

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to pry the Wi-Fi antenna cable connector off its socket on the Wi-Fi board.

    • Remove the Wi-Fi board from the 3DS.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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David Hodson

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I know someone who needs to have the wifi card removed from their DS for multiple reasons. If these steps are followed and the card is just removed will the 3DS still work to play games? They want to use it to play games only and do not want access to the internet.

brwnsrule - Yanıt

Did this job, but the wireless is still not working. Any suggestions?

tech man - Yanıt

Get a new wi-fi card. That is the only thing I have found to work.

afdflol82 -

will a 3ds xl wireless card fit within a 3ds? I am on Ebay looking to buy a replacement part but i can't find a proper replacement.

Daniel Garcia - Yanıt

Hi David, i know this is an older guide, but you just saved me from buying a new 3DS. The wifi board had come lose in a drop, with your help i managed to reattach it and bring it back into working condition.

Thank you!

Michael Friis - Yanıt

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