I noticed that there was not to much information about working on this phone. I received one in a non-working condition and figured it would be a good chance for some guides. The phone is easy to work on and no hidden screws or clips, no excessive glue. A straight forward no nonsense phone.

Here is the Samsung SCH-U380 Brightside
  • Here is the Samsung SCH-U380 Brightside

  • Turn it over to gain access to the battery.

  • Remove the backcover by simply pulling it off the phone from the top down

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Remove the battery
  • Remove the battery

  • Remove the six Phillips screws from the back frame

  • All six screws are identical M1.5X3

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  • Use a plastic opening tool or similar tool to separate the top from the bottom frame. Applying slight pressure in a downwards direction will disengage the plastic clips

  • Continue to slide the tool along the slot until you feel the plastic locks disengage

  • Once all locks have released, the bottom frame can simply be removed.

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  • Remove the two Phillips screws from the EMI shield.

  • Both screws are identical M1.5X2

  • Remove the EMI shield

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  • Detach the LCD connector.

  • Remove the logic board

  • This is the speaker module. In the center is the camera, but it is not part of the module.

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  • turn the logic board over. The speaker module is held in place

    • by one Phillips screw

    • and two clips

  • Remove the Phillips screw.

  • It is a M1X2 Phillips screw

  • Next disengage one of the clips by simply applying some sideways pressure with your fingernail. This will loosen the module.

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  • Turn the logic board around. With the speaker module loose, simply lift it off the board.

  • Speaker module removed.

    • Camera

    • and audio jack

    • are not part of this module and will remain on the board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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