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Use this guide to replace a cracked or malfunctioning display on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet (identified with model number SM-T820).

The display assembly is the output component to present information and is made up of the glass panel, digitizer, and AMOLED display sandwiched together. Your display may need to be replaced if the glass cracks or is broken because this will affect its touch screen capabilities. It could also experience something called “screen burn-in” that happens on AMOLED displays. “Screen burn-in” is when some of the individual light-emitting pixels powering the display will dim the more they are used, causing uneven lighting and colors.

In step 1 of this guide, you will need to use the iOpener, which is a microwavable heating tool used to loosen adhesive attached to the display. Carefully follow the iOpener heating instructions to avoid burning yourself. If your display is shattered, follow this guide to reinforce your screen to avoid injury until you replace the display. Make sure to power off your laptop completely and disconnect from any external power source prior to beginning this guide.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement, Display: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • To soften the adhesive holding the tablet together, heat up the edges of the glass panel using a heated iOpener on the edge of the device.

    • We used two iOpeners to open up the tablet. The process is doable with a single iOpener, but would take substantially longer. Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to quickly loosen the adhesive.

    • Leave the iOpener on edge for two minutes.

    • Be careful not to burn yourself while handling the hot iOpener. For more information on the iOpener, use the iOpener Instructions Guide.

    There is no reason to remove the screen while replacing a battery.

    Nick Youngstrom - Yanıt

    Agreed , just remove back and warm up. Dont remove screen, is $220 to replace off ebay.

    Phenix City - Yanıt

  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Place a suction cup near edge that you heated up with the iOpener.

    • Press down on the suction cup to create a seal, and pull up with force to create a separation between the display and the midframe.

    • Use an opening tool to split apart the glass panel from the midframe.

    • Be careful to not break the glass when prying from the frame.

    Bonjour, pour moi il est IMPÉRATIF d’opérer l’ouverture par le bord droit comme indiqué sur le tuto car de l’autre coté les nappes du LCD ne sont qu’à 3mm du bord et peuvent etre abimée comme je l’ai fait lors du décollage.

    Jacques Barreau - Yanıt

  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • As you continue along the edge using the opening tool, use a plastic card to keep the glass separate from the midframe.

    • You can also use multiple opening picks instead of a plastic card.

    For this part I recommend to insert the tools only on top, bottom and right side. Then lift the screen as shown in the pictures in step 4. The left side has the light ribbons for the display too close to the edge and they are really thin. I just broke the four of them in my screen :(

    Moisés Jover - Yanıt

  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 4, 3 resimden 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 4, 3 resimden 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 4, 3 resimden 3.
    • As you remove the glass panel, be careful not to tear the ribbon connecting the motherboard to the display.

    • Pull off the glass panel using the suction cup.

    • Carefully disconnect the ribbon connecting the display assembly to the motherboard. You can disconnect this ribbon from either end.

  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 5, 2 resimden 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement: adım 5, 2 resimden 2.
    • Repeat steps 3 through 7 to remove the rear glass panel on the opposite side of the device.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. If you have removed too much adhesive, you may need to apply more during the reassembly process.

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Thank you so much, It helped me so much.

MRxROBOT - Yanıt

What if the digitizer is ok and only the glass cover is cracked

stargazer_jbl - Yanıt

if you need more adhesive what is the right type to buy? Want to have some on hand before I open my S3 up.

jnorr - Yanıt

If my screen freezing exactly half, can that be the connection cable damaged.? It's look like it happens every time I touch or hold the corner where the volume and power buttons are. Never dropped it.

Lena Clark - Yanıt

I also have the same issue

How your issue was resolved.

Ashwin -

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