Make sure you look at the Samsung P241 Troubleshooting Guide first to see if you can solve your problem without taking the DVD player apart.

If you find the problem is not with the disc drive or power cable, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

  1. You will need to be near a power source for this  guide.
    • You will need to be near a power source for this guide.

    • With the back of the DVD player facing you, remove the three 1 cm black screws on the right, left, and top sides using a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

  2. Pull the top cover towards you until you can lift it up and off.
    • Pull the top cover towards you until you can lift it up and off.

    • With the front of the DVD player facing you, turn the power on and eject the disc tray.

    • Press down on the disc tray with your thumbs while also pressing up with your pointer finger on the left and right edges of the silver cover. The cover should easily pop up and off the disc tray.

    • Be careful not to crack or bend the disc tray by pulling too hard.

    • To remove the front panel, lift up the clips on the bottom, left and right sides of the DVD player.

    • Be sure to have all clips lifted up at the same time otherwise it will be difficult to get the panel off.

    • If you are having trouble removing the panel, try wedging an object underneath the two clips on the bottom to keep them from falling back into place.

    • Gently remove the front panel by pulling it forward.

    • Press the eject button again to make the disc tray slide back into place.

    • Turn off the DVD player and unplug it from the wall before proceeding to further steps.

    • Take out the two ribbon cables adjacent to the DVD drive and the power supply in the upper left hand corner of the board (with the DVD drive oriented on the right) before attempting to remove the main board.

    • Remove each of the four 0.6 cm brass screws with a Phillips #2 screwdriver near the corners of the main board indicated by the red circles.

    • Be sure to keep your screws in a safe place to prevent losing them.

    • After all four screws have been completely removed, use a pair of pliers to push the two tabs of both white push fasteners located off-center left and indicated by the red circles.

    • Now that the tabs are depressed, carefully lift the main board from it's position in the case. While sliding the main board up, be mindful to pull the video and audio out ports away from the rear of the case.

    • Remember to dispose of your damaged main board correctly by taking it to your nearest recycling center.

    • Now replace the void in your DVD case with the functional main board.

    • REMINDER: Be attentive to the audio and video out ports as you set the new main board in it's place.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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