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If the road ahead seems to be getting a little rough, it might be time to think about tire replacement! Mountain bike tires take a lot of abuse—it's not the same as street riding, where a patched tire isn’t quite as risky as it could be for you, riding around out in the boondocks. You’re better off replacing tires with large tears or holes close to the valve stem, where a tire patch isn’t a suitable repair option. But whether you’re replacing a blown-out tire tube, a faulty valve stem, or the tire itself—this guide shows you how to do it yourself on a Supercycle SC1800 bike tire, taking you step-by-step through the easy-to-follow procedure for separating a tire from the rim, transferring a tire tube into the new tire, and placing it back on the rim. When you’re back on the road, remember to be eco-friendly—always check the guidelines at your local landfill before discarding used tires!



  1. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement, Tire: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Deflate the tire by pressing the valve stem in.

    • If it's difficult to press the stem in with your hands, use a plastic wedge tool.

  2. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Once the tire is deflated, press the beading inside until it is removed from the rim.

    • If you need to replace your rim, do it now.

  3. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • Slide the plastic wedge tool under the beading of the tire, and pull it outwards.

    • The tool is not required, but it makes the job easier.

    • Once the tire is removed from the rim on one side, do the same to other side.

    • Make sure not to puncture the tire tube, as you will need that for the new tire.

  4. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 4, 2 resimden 1. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 4, 2 resimden 2.
    • Pull out the tire tube from the tire and transfer it into the new tire.

    • Make sure the valve is facing towards the center as shown in the second picture.

    • If you must replace your tire tube, do it now.

  5. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 5, 1 resimden 1.
    • Once the tube is in place, use a little bit of force to get the beading into the rim, making sure the valve goes through the designated hole in the rim.

    • If it starts getting difficult to push the beading with your hands, use the plastic wedge tool to finish.

    • It is important for the valve to correctly line with the valve hole first. Otherwise, you risk damaging the tire tube.

  6. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 6, 1 resimden 1.
    • Do the same to both sides of the beading. You will need to use the plastic tool for the other side.

  7. Supercycle SC1800 Tire Replacement: adım 7, 1 resimden 1.
    • Re-inflate the tire.

    • It may be difficult to re-inflate due to the folds in the deflated tire tube. Be patient!

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