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Follow this guide to remove and replace the battery for the ZTE Maven.

    • Remove the back cover.

  1. If inserted, remove the SIM card and SD card. If inserted, remove the SIM card and SD card.
    • If inserted, remove the SIM card and SD card.

    • Remove midframe screws.

    • Carefully pry between the screen and midframe to release the clips holding it on.

    • Remove the midframe.

    • Carefully, with a pry pick, pry under the battery to cut the adhesive underneath it.

    • If you are having trouble, apply a heated iOpener onto the battery for another minute, then try again.

    • You can also apply a few drops of high concentration isopropyl alcohol to the edges of the battery to help soften the adhesive.

    • Remove the battery.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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@gigabit87898 you should consider adding images for each step of any guide. A good guide points out where screws are located, what size they are and if they are all the same etc. It is not enough to write "Remove midframe screws". Remember, guides are written for anybody and keep in mind that people wanting to use your guide to fix their device, may not have your knowledge.

oldturkey03 - Yanıt

yeah i dont think im going to use a “heat gun” on my battery

Vinny Games - Yanıt

As long as you do it correctly, it will be fine.

Gigabit87898 -

I have a heat gun, but I think I’ll try a hair dryer first. In the comments under disassembly video at youtube one commenter said the adhesive is just double stick tape. Here’s the video:

Clint Murray - Yanıt

Why heat the battery?? I need to change the screen in my moms maven and I'm kinda scared tbh. Lol the protective cover freaks me out!! Help me plzzzz?!?

CaRrIe 4TwIn E - Yanıt

Heating the battery helps soften the adhesive holding the battery to the case. You definitely don’t need a heat gun. Try prying the battery out without using any heat first. It may just be harder to do, but it is a much safer alternative.

Arthur Shi -

This really makes no sense. I have a ZTE Maven 2 and literally all I would have to do to replace the battery is remove the back cover of the phone, take old battery out, put new battery in, replace back cover of the phone and it would be finished. Replacing the battery on a ZTE Maven 2 is nowhere NEAR as complicated as this article makes it.

AveMaria02 - Yanıt

Hi AveMaria02,

This guide is for a ZTE Maven 1 (Z812). It is a completely different phone from the Maven 2, as the original Maven has a glued-in battery.

Arthur Shi -

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