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Here comes the fun part. You see that? LG decided to solder down the snap connectors to the display and keypad. It's your job to disconnect them... somehow.

To disconnect them, I applied upward pressure to the edge of the connector (which also held the board up with one hand), and applied the tip of the soldering iron to the edge I was pulling up on. When it melted, it popped off, leaving the other side. Repeat for each side until both cables are disconnected.

These connections are very fragile. The cable from the hinge is a multi-layer cable with many thin layers. It's not recommended to desolder only the display connector, as it won't allow enough room to move and would stress the hinge cable quite a bit.

When I disconnected the LCD cable, it splashed a little solder onto the contacts. Fortunately, it requires heat to prep the metal to adhere to solder, so it simply flaked off with the edge of the razor blade. DO NOT use the soldering iron to try to clean any accidental blobs, it will only result in disaster.

When reassembling, be sure not to keep the heat on it too long. Plastic likes to melt.

After the LCD display has been removed, you'll have to desolder the connection holding the little speaker(?) in the upper corner. The way this is assembled is there are two layers sandwiched together. So just heat the two connections while pulling them slightly and they'll come right apart when the solder melts. You'll have to re-attach it to the new LCD.

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