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Sometimes you'll find a ribbon cable that simply pulls out of its socket, with no locking flap. The ribbon is normally sturdier than those used with ZIF connectors and the end is often reinforced with a stiff plastic film.

These connectors are often found on larger items such as printers, projectors and games consoles, such as this PS3 control board.

Before attempting to disconnect the ribbon, make quite sure this isn't a ZIF connector (previous step) with a release mechanism, otherwise you may damage the connector or the ribbon in forcibly removing it, and you won't be able to reinsert it.

To disconnect the cable, pull it straight out of the connector.

To reinstall the cable, hold it near the end and push it straight into the connector, being careful not to kink the cable. If you can, apply the force to the plastic reinforcement rather than the cable itself.

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