We Took Apart the MacBook Unibody!

We completed the disassembly of our MacBook Unibody:

MacBook Unibody teardownCool things we learned:

  • Apple’s new hardware is significantly more elegant due to their use of the new “Brick” manufacturing process.
  • The design of both machines is significantly inspired by the MacBook Air. As a result, the MacBook and MacBook Pro designs have significantly converged and are much more similar than they used to be.

MacBook Unibody tidbits:

  • The new MacBook is really a 13″ MacBook Pro. It uses the same design, and same manufacturing quality. Bridging the gap between consumer and professional model.
  • The Superdrive is the same in the MacBook and MacBook Pro.
  • We showed the parts to some industrial engineers familiar with manufacturing processes. Overall, they were extremely impressed by the build quality of the machine and the cutting edge mass-produced unibody.

MacBook Unibody Teardown