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Added 1GB of more Memory to my Old Macbook

rncaswell -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo RAM Replacement

MacBook Core Duo RAM Replacement

7 - 10 dakika



My Macbook only had 1GB of Memory which was slowing down Internet and processing speed and IFIXIT had such a GREAT price for adding an additional 1GB and provided easy instructions with pictures for me to DIY.


It was very straightforward with easy instructions and pictures. It was also beneficial to read other users tips.

My DIY repair went very quickly (< 15 minutes).


If you need to do this yourself my only additional tips are:

1. Make sure when you pull out the existing memory boards that you pay attention to the orientation of the memory boards top vs. bottom.

2. Remove both 512KB memory boards and insert each of the new 1GB memory boards in each of the now two empty slots.

3. Make sure you seat the new 1GB memory boards in the correct orientation and very firmly (push in very firmly).

4. Once everything is completed, start your Macbook and review your new configuration via "About this Mac" to ensure your new 2GB of Memory is shown.

PC2-5300 1 GB RAM Chip Resmi
PC2-5300 1 GB RAM Chip


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