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Replacing iPhone battery

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Replaced iPhone 5 battery


Once I got the iPhone open, it went fine. Getting it open with a typical suction cup was very difficult. Next time I'll try the iSclack and see if that helps. The battery was tight and I broke the lip of a green opening tool I got with a former battery replacement but I still got it loose.


To get my daughter's iPhone open with the standard suction cup, I finally got the lid to open far enough for the opening tool by placing the suction cup in one corner instead of the middle of the glass. Pulling it far enough required my daughter to insert the opening tool to pry it far enough to get it started. The inside was clean so not sure why it was so tight. For the battery, the only prying location that moved the battery was from the end. I went slow and could hear it start to release then it came out easily. One word of caution. The rear camera module is loose when you disconnect the three cables holding the lid on. When replacing the lid, make sure the camera module is in its hole/slot by gently pressing it back in before closing the lid.

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iPhone 5 Battery


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