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Water damaged Iphone 6

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iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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I was out in the rain a couple weeks ago. Phone in my pocket, but was using for timing runners. Not much water, but the phone all of a sudden died. I was surprised as it was only mildly wet, NOT submersed! I buried in rice immediately, waited 48 hrs. Plugged in, had a battery low indicated, then it just went off again. A second trial the phone came to life for a few minutes then died. So I thought maybe a battery issue... Bought a replacement battery and tools from Ifixit.


Using the guides and the tools (the ISclack is awesome) I had the phone apart with no problems. All dry. Replaced the battery. The kit was extremely complete, you guys put everything in needed including the replacement double sided tape (but that need some instruction work!) Put it all back together, put on the charger, no go. I had read about flooding the device with alcolhol, but thought why not use a low residue contact spray (alcolhol in a spray can). Shot it full, let it dry. Tried again, phone is back. All seems to work ok. No problems whatsoever apparent.


1. Great kit. Buy the Isclack

2. Careful with the double side tape, mine all stuck together as I tried to apply it. Ended up using my own tape to secure the battery. This was a a mess. I am not sure what to tell you on this. Shouldn't have been hard, but it was

3. In the future, if this happens (wet iphone), I will pop it apart immediately with my new tools and shoot it with contact cleaner, put in a bag with drying agent (dessicant bags) and let it dry. Love having the isclack.

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