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iPod Classic

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iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement

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I had a bad LCD screen, and after purchasing that years ago, I took the iPod apart. And when disconnecting the hard drive ribbon from the MB, I ruined the connector. Finally purchased a new MB and frame along with new iFlash 128GB MB and SDHC card and decided to give it a try to repair.


The worst part of this whole endeavor is the case separation. Using spudgers and other items, it'll come off okay, but it helps if you've done this before. Taking my own time, I got all the items back together and did a test run prior to putting the case together. Format the card, connect to iTunes, restore the iPod, LCD screen good, load some songs and all was good. Now the case went together. OMG! I must have put the pad on the iFlash in a bad spot. LCD screen went nuts! Back to splitting the case and taking the pad out completely and just using some foam from the old hard drive. Did another test before putting it together, and then snap the case and all is good again :)


Take your time! Be patient! Breathe! Definitely do a test run before putting the case halves back together. Now I have my first original iPod back in business with a new iFlash 128GB drive!

iPod Classic (80 GB and 160 GB Thick) Logic Board Görseli
iPod Classic (80 GB and 160 GB Thick) Logic Board


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Good point about testing the device before closing it up. I’ll put a note about that in the guide conclusions.

Arthur Shi - Yanıt

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