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No e waste on me

brandon rosa -

Amazon Fire HD 8

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Screen Replacement

10 dakika



The screen was shattered was unable to swipe the screen to login because i am trying to make a difference on people buying new stuff just because it broke so i started a small business in repairing everything electronic laptop desktops learning refrigerator Stoves ect


It went very well I struggled along the way because it was my 1st tablet repair the hardest part on the removing the broken glass so I could put the new one in


Advice i would give is invest in good quality products tools and products for the repair cheapest is always not the best answer but one tool i would recommend for tablets/cell phones is invest into a heat plate the tweezers were very helpful for getting screws to replace the battery as well

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It was a fun project difficult but i love messing with electronics

brandon rosa - Yanıt

Thank you for sharing your story

Marvin Cooper - Yanıt

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