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Juicing a 2010 MacBook Pro

richardkujawa -

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Battery Replacement

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Bad battery... slow machine... my kid's machine needed to be rejuvenated. Invest the $ and keep the machine...


Repair went very well -- here's what we did: New battery, more RAM, new Solid-State Hard Drive, new optical drive... all of it went well with one minor glitch. The guides (and a video from OWC) helped a ton as did my IFixit tool kit. Cloned her drive, switched the new one in... easy out and in on the ram... battery easy peasy... the optical drive was a bit tougher -- turns out that shaving out the felt on the slot itself was the key operation (razor blade and some denatured alcohol). This thing BURNS now -- a test on read/writes show speeds that are really fast with longer battery life as a side gift...


Before you replace the optical drive which just won't eject a disk, take it out and shave the felt from the slot in the Unibody and clean the "mouth" of the drive. I think we didn't really need a replacement. Take your time, don't over tighten screws and when you are done put one of the cool stickers on the machine and smile... cloning the drive takes time so it's a two stage repair. Take photos to share -- we forgot to. Oh yeah -- one more thing: Get a can of air and clean out fan area so it runs cool.

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