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How do I replace the wheels on my Tobago trolley?

Follow this guide to replace the wheels of your VAUDE Tobago trolley.

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How to wax ja jacket.

Depending on use, it is recommended to wax the jacket once a year. We...

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How you can fix a zipper in places like a pocket.

How to fix a zipper that slipped out on the pockets of your jacket.

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How to zip a two-way zipper

Sometimes a part of the 2-way zipper breaks and has to be replaced. With this...

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How to replace a defective snap fastener on a pair of rain pants.

During prolonged or heavy use, a snap can come off and get lost. A worn-out...

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How do I repair taped seams on my jacket?

It can happen that the seam of your functional jacket gets detached, We will...

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How to re-thread a sternum strap on a child’s backpack (re-thread the ladder lock)

How to replace a new sternum strap on a VAUDE children's backpack.

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How to replace a QMR Rail-Hook on a bike bag. (new bike bag)

A QMR Rail Hook on your hardback panel (attachment hook on the rack) is...

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How to repair a hole on a bike bag.

If you find a hole on your bike bag, you can easily fix it with a patch.

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How do I remove resin stains and bird droppings from my over-tent?

Unfortunately, resin stains and bird droppings are not uncommon when camping....