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We're folks who used to work at iFixit and still love it. :)

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Nintendo DSi Teardown

We got our hands on the new Nintendo DSi.

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Sony PlayStation 2 Teardown

The PlayStation 2 is the predecessor of the new...

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Dell Inspiron 600M RAM Replacement

How to remove and replace the RAM in your Inspiron 600M

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APS Tech 101629 External Casing Replacement

This guide will give instructions on removing the external case of the APS...

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Dell Inspiron 5100 PP07L Hard Drive Replacement

If you want to replace your hard drive for a larger drive or if it's corrupted.

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iPod Nano 7th Generation Teardown

iPod Nano 7th Generation teardown, conducted October 12, 2012.

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Razor A Wheel Replacement

Remove one of the wheels from the Razor A and install a replacement wheel.

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LG T310 Teardown

This guide will walk through the steps of tearing down the LG T310 phone.

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GP Percussion DP778TN Double Bass Pedal Assembly Technique

Assemble and install GP Percussion's double bass pedal into a drumkit.