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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G5, Crane Fall 2017

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Takım Etiketi: EWU-CRANE-F17S2G5

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We are a group of students from Eastern Washington University. We are super excited to develop a guide and troubleshoot for iFixit. We each confident that we have our own skills and strengths to contribute - we believe that we will make a great team!

Lina is the leader. She is a senior majoring in Visual Communications and Design. Scheduled to graduate in the fall of 2017. She has strong communication skills and highly organized to ensure that her team will execute the project successfully.

Phillip is the Troubleshoot Expert. He's a junior majoring in Public Relations, with a minor in Visual Communications and Design. Phil has been playing around with fixing computers and electronics for a long time. His strength is disassembling and reassembling various compartments from computers to cars. Therefore, he has insight to what might have gone wrong with devices.

Madeline is our Device and Photo Expert. She is a senior majoring in Visual Communications and Design, with a User Experience Certificate. She loves to ensure that information is clear and intuitive. Maddy has had multiple quarters involving product photography.

Ely is our Replacement Guide Expert. He is a senior majoring in Visual Communications and Design with a minor 3-D Modeling and Animation. His strength comes in versatility, being able to ensure the final package is accurate and user friendly.