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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G1, Carnegie Fall 2018

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Takım Etiketi: EWU-CARNEGIE-F18S1G1

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We are a team of four, majoring in Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Technical Communications, and Business. We possess a wide diversity of skills, from direct experience repairing and dismantling electronics, to building and repairing carpentry, cars and household items.

Peter is our project leader, and majoring in Chemistry, I have made and upgraded a PC for myself for the last three years, and have been a hobbyist programmer for the last four.

Ambrosio is majoring in General business, and has a leadership certificate, and plans to graduate this spring.

Seth Pickens is majoring in technical communications, and is interested in journalism, planning to graduate in 2020.

Calvin is majoring in electrical engineering, and plans to graduate this next year.