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Chromebook Cowboys

Using chromebooks in ways the manufacturer never envisioned.

  • 13,3b itibar
  • 4 Üyeler

Apple Service Centre

We are a family run team and have a passion for repairing apple products.

  • 12b itibar
  • 35 Üyeler

Everything iPod

This is a team for those strictly interested in everything iPod; ways to use iPods, fix iPods, modify iPods, and know just about all there is to know about...

  • 11,2b itibar
  • 62 Üyeler

THD Admins

Administrators for THD-iFixit integration.

  • 9,3b itibar
  • 8 Üyeler

Philadelphia Fixers

Anyone who lives in Philadelphia and fixes stuff.

  • 9,3b itibar
  • 7 Üyeler

HDES Training Team

Training teams sandbox

  • 8,9b itibar
  • 5 Üyeler


SussyFixers. The best in the world!

  • 8b itibar
  • 3 Üyeler

HMD Global

  • 8b itibar
  • 8 Üyeler

HDES Leadership

HDES leadership team, by invite only

  • 7,7b itibar
  • 1 Üyeler


Das ist das Team der Vaude Redakteure

  • 6,6b itibar
  • 3 Üyeler

Ru Translators iFixit

Team of translators to russian language.

  • 6,5b itibar
  • 11 Üyeler