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Battery time! We were not fans of last year's iPads, which skipped out on the stretch-release battery tabs.

This year, pull tabs are back in style—six U-shaped strips this time! Each strip has two tabs, giving fixers a second chance should one of them break. Neat!

Maybe we pegged this iPad all wrong. It was painful to open, but these adhesive strips pull out buttery smooth

But the smooth stops there. A huge patch of supergoop runs all the way down the left side. Sigh. Time to break out the pry tools.

We were left speechless. Why would Apple do this? We could only hypothesize that the adhesive is there for "rigidity reinforcement".

This iPad's powered by a 7812 mAh battery running at 3.77 V, for 29.45 Wh—a slight downgrade from the 30.8 Wh pack in the 10.5" iPad Pro, and a lot smaller than the most recent Microsoft Surface Pro's 45 Wh battery.

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