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With the phone now fully open, we head straight for the cameras. First out is the new periscope-style camera module that is said to make up to 50x zoom possible.

Instead of resorting to a massive camera bump, this module is rotated 90° from the aperture, laying flat in the phone with a prism refracting the light onto the sensor.

But wait—it seems this module isn't used between 1x-5x zoom, coming into play beyond 5x zoom only.

The P30 Pro has five cameras in total. Starting at top left: a 20 MP ultra-wide-angle, a 40 MP wide-angle with the Time-of-Flight camera next to it, the 8 MP telephoto (for up to 50x zoom), and of course at top right is the front-facing camera with an impressive 32 MP.

Interestingly, the 40 MP camera sensor switched from an RGGB (Red/Green/Green/Blue) bayer filter to a RYYB (Red/Yellow/Yellow/Blue) pattern. This pattern is said to increase light sensitivity, and could help with contrast since they ditched the monochrome sensor from last year's P20 Pro.

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