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Finally! We found some serious chips.

This iPod features the same A4 processor that's found in the iPad and iPhone 4. The Toshiba chip is very similar to the one which was present in the iPad in the FCC teardown, that was replaced by a Samsung one.

The key marking of interest on the A4 processor package is K4X2G643GE. This is identical to the marking found on the iPad processor, but different from the iPhone 4 processor. The iPad has 256 MB RAM, while the iPhone 4 features 512 MB. Unfortunately, this means that like the iPad, the new iPod Touch includes only 256 MB of RAM.

The NAND flash memory is now provided by Toshiba, not Samsung like that of the iPad.

Murata KM0727121 Wi-Fi module

And no, there's no RAM upgrade slot.

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