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Up next, our favorite Air feature: battery removal. Thanks to this tidy plastic frame, the battery is held in with five screws and no adhesive—easy for fixers, easy for recyclers.

It's a design carried over from previous models—but if yesterday's reveal is anything to go by, it could be on the outs. It looks to us like Apple didn't like wasting internal space on a plastic frame that could instead be more battery.

In the absence of a frame, we're guessing those cells will get the glue treatment, signaling a continuation of the trend started by the Retina Pro.

The battery specs carry over as well: the Air continues to sport a 7.6 V, 54 Wh, 7150 mAh battery. Thanks to the new Broadwell chips, we're supposed to get more life out of the same capacity: Now up to 12 hours of web browsing or video playback.

For all you scorekeepers, that's 2 Wh and a theoretical 1 hour more than the new Dell XPS 13.

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