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The rear of the camera is adorned with an articulating 3 inch LCD. This is a TFT LCD display with 1,228,800 dots. Dots? What are dots? TIL a dot is (usually) a third of a pixel.

Since nobody lists a measurement other than 3 inches for this display, we busted out the calipers and calculator. At 2.5 " x 1.75", and converting from dots to pixels, we came up with around 270 ppi.

In short, less than an iPhone (326 for the iPhone 6), but certainly high-density. And that's good, considering that no mirror means no optical viewfinding.

The left side of the camera body houses plenty of I/O options—an HDMI micro connector, 3.5 mm stereo microphone and headphone terminals, and a micro-USB connector.

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