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With the display assembly out of the way, we carefully excavate the MX6's stubbornly-adhered battery. Luckily, the battery features an iPhone 4-esque battery pull tab that makes the job a bit easier.

The MX6 packs a non-user-removable, 3.8 V, 11.63 Wh Li-poly battery.

This puts the MX6's battery ahead in the power struggle, topping the iPhone 6s Plus's 10.45 Wh battery, and just barely surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S7's 11.55 Wh battery.

Meizu claims that their mCharge 24 W (12 V at 2 A) fast charging technology will fully charge the MX6's battery in only 75 minutes, compared to 90 minutes for the Galaxy S7.

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