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Laptop Won't Power On

Your computer will not boot.

Drained battery

Your battery may be out of power.

  • Plug in the supplied AC adapter into a wall socket and your computer.
  • Let the battery charge for a few moments before powering on.
  • If it turns on, check the percentage of battery charge.
  • Visit Start > Control Panel > Power Options and choose better power conservation settings.

Dead battery/AC adapter

If laptop doesn't power on after following the above steps, then the battery is dead or the AC adapter does not work.

  • Check to be sure your wall outlet is functioning by plugging in another charger for another device. If this device charges, then the outlet is supplying power and your AC adapter is broken.
  • If your AC adapter works, then the problem must be your battery.
  • Consider replacing your battery with the battery installation guide.

Monitor Doesn't Work

Your monitor isn't working like it used to...

Cracked screen

Your screen has a crack or two in it.

Blacked screen

The brightness of the screen is extremely low.

  • Increase the brightness on the screen using the 'Fn' function key while pressing the increase brightness button (F7).
  • If brightness does not increase, then restart the computer.
  • If possible, connect the laptop to an external monitor and adjust your screen brightness under Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.


  • Back light bulb may be burned and will need inspection.

Heat Issues

Your laptop is hotter than it used to be.

Over use

This may be caused by your marathon of RPG video games.

  • If you have been using your computer for 3 hours or more, either put it on sleep or shut it down and store in a cool place for up to an hour.

Fan malfunction

This heat is caused by the fan not working correctly.

  • Listen for a small engine noise and feel for air coming out the back right edge of your computer.
  • If you do not hear noise or feel air, turn off your laptop and do not use it for up to an hour.
  • Fan still doesn't work? Seek a professional computer technician for replacement.

Keyboard Problems

If you'r having this problm thn your sntncs may look lik this.

  • Repeatedly push the button(s) down to be sure they aren't physically stuck.

Unresponsive keyboard

  • If the whole keyboard is not working, turn off your computer and remove your battery for a couple of minutes and restart to try again.
  • If you have an integrated pointing device, you should attempt to restart the system with that.
  • If your keyboard is still unresponsive, it may need replacing following our Fujitsu Keyboard Installation Guide.

Lost or broken keys

Wireless Feature Can't Connect

Are you stuck only surfing your desktop? Read on.

Incorrect network

  • Go to your network settings and be sure your wireless connection is to the correct network.

Outdated wireless adapter

  • Check your computer's device manager (Start > Search > "Device Manager") to see if your wireless driver is up to date.
  • If not, visit the Fujitsu website to download and install the latest driver available.
  • If you still cannot connect to the internet, seek a professional computer technician for assistance.

Audio Problems

You're not as deaf as Beethoven, but you still can't hear anything!

Volume is too low

  • Increase your volume using the increase volume button.
  • If there still is no sound after increasing volume, the problem may lie within your speakers. You can replace the faulty speakers using our audio speaker installation guide.

Hard Drive

Your computer is stuffed with bytes, but you still want to download more goodies.

  • Delete any unneeded files that you own.
  • Uninstall any programs you may not be using. (Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features)
  • Transfer your important files/documents from your internal hard drive to a separate external hard drive.
  • If you still require more storage space in your laptop, consider replacing your hard drive with a larger one following our hard drive installation guide.

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