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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Mixer Will Not Turn On

Despite your efforts, the KitchenAid mixer doesn't seem to be getting any power

Faulty Plug Connection

Make sure the KitchenAid Mixer is firmly plugged into a working outlet and the cord is not twisted or split.

Faulty Power Outlet

Check the circuit breaker in your home to ensure the plug has power. Try plugging in another appliance to make sure the outlet is working properly.


It is possible that your mixer is overheating. Unplug the mixer for approximately 30 minutes to allow it to cool off. However, when the mixer is under heavy loads for extended periods it may heat up to the point where it's uncomfortable to touch. This is normal and it will shut off automatically if it overheats.

Faulty Brushes

If your mixer still will not turn on, it might be a problem with the motor brushes. If the brushes are worn down or not inserted properly, your mixer may not turn on. See our guide on how to replace your motor brushes.

Mixer Rattles or Makes a Lot of Noise

Your mixer makes a lot of noise when you turn it on

Gear Lubricant

After a lot of use, the mixer could be lacking lubricant which could cause the parts to rattle and make noise. See this guide by eReplacementGuides: How to Fix a KitchenAid Stand Mixer That is Leaking Oil.

Worm Gear

If it is metallic sounding, the worm gear on your mixer may be losing teeth and will need to be replaced. Check out our guide on how to replace your worm gear.

Mixer Will Only Work at Certain Speeds

No matter what speed setting you choose, the mixer will only operate at one speed

Improperly Connected Hall Sensor

Before buying any new parts, make sure that the connection between the control board and the hall sensor is nice and snug. The hall sensor, a grey wire with a three pronged end, is connected between the speed lever and control board. This connection could become loose due to the vibrations of the mixer. Also, the mixer will not work if the connection is not oriented properly. Using trial and error, change the orientation of the three pronged connection to see if the mixer will begin to work. The most common sign of a failing hall sensor is if your mixer increases to top speed and then shuts down. But note that many (all?) K45SS series mixers use a fly ball governor and don't have a hall effect sensor. See for more service info.

Faulty Circuit Board

If your mixer is still not operating correctly, you could have a faulty phase control circuit board in the back of your mixer. See our guide on how to replace your circuit board.

Mixer is Leaking Oil

When your mixer is running, oil seems to be getting everywhere

Gear Lubricant

Sometimes due to overheating, age, or lack of use, the lubricant in the gears can separate and the liquid component will drip. See this guide by eReplacementGuides: How to Fix a KitchenAid Stand Mixer That is Leaking Oil.

Damaged or Misplaced Gaskets

If your mixer is leaking oil, it could be a problem with one of the gaskets. They may need to be replaced or readjusted. See our guide on how to replace your gaskets.

Mixer Beater Head Does Not Clear Bowl

The beater head scrapes against the bottom of the bowl or doesn't even touch the bowl at all

Improper Bowl Placement

Make sure the bowl is securely attached on the mixer base. Do this by gently turning the bowl in a clockwise direction.

Insufficient Beater Head Clearance

If the bowl is securely attached, you may have to adjust the height of the beater. See our guide on how to adjust the height of your beater head.

Additional Resources

Visit KitchenAid's product help page for more information on your stand mixer.

A service manual is here:

25 Yorum

My mixer makes one turn when started and then stops....seems like an electrical short. Do you think it is the brushes? I is only 2-3 years old. Thanks

brianrhull - Yanıt

I have same experience. How was it resolved?

Olugbemi lana -

I un screwed the black plastic screw and it blew (plugged in, stupidly) Is it shot? Thanks


fionamccarthy - Yanıt

My mixer speed lever doesn't always work...only turns on if I juggle it around. Is this an easy fix??

Cooks4Wifee - Yanıt

I replaced the speed control board as my mixer was running 3X as fast at setting 1, and topped out at setting 3, with no appreciable increase in speed up to setting10. Yet when I replace the speed control board, there is no change in the performance. Clearly the speed control board is not the problem. Yes I did adjust the upper screws in to slow and out to speed up, and the bottom screw as well. No significant effect. Mixer "rolls" at any speed; not keeping an even speed. Any recommendations?

Marc LaPine - Yanıt

I noticed smoke coming from the back of my mixer while using the dough hook at relatively high speed-any ideas? When I gave it a little time to cool and finished at a lower speed it seemed ok/didn't smoke. Does this indicate my motor is likely to fail?

Dave Stasevich - Yanıt

The manual states the dough hook should only be used on setting #2. You most likely have not damaged the motor although it is a possibility

marmottwo -

I was mixing up cookie dough and oil from the gears started dripping everywhere. Is this toxic if it got into the cookies? I'm not sure it did but didn't want to take the chance if it will hurt my grandkids.

mosisjan - Yanıt

The grease in KitchenAid mixers is food grade and not toxic. However you should get it fixed before there is a gear problem. is a great resource.

Hal -

My stand beater has static current passing through it . what could possibly be wrong

Lavanya - Yanıt

I would discontinue use and get it looked at. Could be a short that can be dangerous. is a great resource.

Hal -

My mixer had only been working on the higher speeds for the last several months. I followed the instructions above and wiggled the hall sensor wire. I couldn't see any loose connections, but now it works like new! Thanks for the post.

Suzy C - Yanıt

My kitchen aid mixer works just the problem is with the speed lever it won't stay turned off it keeps sliding into the second speed. What do you think I need to do to fix it?

Jessica - Yanıt

My kitchen aid mixer works just when plugged in it won't turn off. I believe it has to do with the speed lever control. When I have it plugged in it will not lock in the off position it will automatically go into the 2nd speed. What would you say I would go about to fix this problem?

Jessica - Yanıt

My kitchenaid mixer quit working. Won’t even turn on! Any suggestions?

Malsadig - Yanıt

My attachments (grinder, juicer etc) connected to the hub stopped working but the beaters and whisk still work. Any ideas?

Alexis Wilson - Yanıt

My beater will not go up so I can remove it to put on another. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and how to fix it?

f_frymire - Yanıt

My mixer won’t lock. I had to lift the head slightly up to lock it. Once it starts mixing, it made a loud almost banging noise and the base shakes as it mixes. What’s is wrong with it?

Tina - Yanıt

I have one that doesn’t work on setting 1 or 2 just buzzes but working from 3-10

hannh_ellis - Yanıt

mine too — won’t start on 1-2, but kicks on at around 3-4. It likes to shoot ingredients everywhere when it fires up at high speed.

carolynpcarlson -

My Kitchenaid seems to be turning clockwise (every video I see and other Stand mixers I have tried turn counterclockwise). Does anyone know what to do? I can’t even find videos on Youtube that deal with this issue.

Thank you

Rodrigo Marholz - Yanıt

I've got a mixer that when I plug it in while it turned off, the plug Sparks and breaks the circuit. Won't turn on. Thoughts?

Andrea Lovoll - Yanıt

My mixer just quit when mixing dough,the dough was very light and the mixer just stoped,what do I do as my machine is a heavy duty one and a few yrs old. Please reply,thanks.


my mixer has started “walking” across work surface and fell to the floor, still working ok but still “walking”….help….2 years old

jenniferlavis - Yanıt

The top of the mixer moves a lot. Hight is ok but with dough is a bit heavy it slams and the top moves around. Base is steady

Marc du chatinier - Yanıt

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