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Logitech G27 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for the Logitech G27 electronic steering wheel.

The Steering Wheel Is Not Aligned

Your 'car' is turning, even though the wheel is straight, or it's going straight when the wheel is turned.

The Wheel Is Not Calibrated Properly


Please see this link Logitech G27 Calibration PC to calibrate the G27 for Windows.


The PS3 and PS2 do not have in-game options to calibrate the wheel or the PC software from Logitech. The only way to recalibrate the wheel is to manually reset the wheel.

  1. Unplug both the USB, and A/C power adapter from the wheel and wall socket.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds, then plug the A/C power adapter back into the wall and wheel.
  3. Plug the USB cable into a different USB on the PS3/PS2.

The Wheel's Optical Encoder Is Loose or Broken

If calibrating the wheel on the computer did not work, the optical encoder inside the wheel may be broken. The optical encoder is responsible for relaying data regarding the position of the wheel. To access the optical encoder, you will have to disassemble the wheel. Check out our guide here. Once you have access to the optical encoder, there are two possible solutions to fix the problem if the optical encoder is still intact.

  • The Sensors Screw Are Loose And They Need To Be Re-tightened.
  • The Encoder Has Slipped Off And Can Be Re-glued.

If the optical encoder can not be repaired by the previous steps or if it is completely broken, you may have to purchase a new one. Chiang Mai Laser Service does off replacement optical encoders for the G27. The link can be found here. CM Laser Service Once you have a new optical encoder, use our guide on Optical Encoder Replacement to replace it.

The Steering Wheel Is Too Hard To Turn

The Wheel's Force Feedback Is Too Strong.

Your In-Game Settings Need to be Changed

A 'strong' wheel can be due to the force feedback settings in game or in the Logitech Profiler. On PC, you can change the force feedback settings on the Logitech Profiler, such as: force feedback strength, spring effects, and dampener effects. On the PS3 and PS2, you can only change the force feedback within the game settings.

The Steering Wheel Is Too Easy To Turn

While turning, the wheel's force feedback suddenly stops, or the wheel has no force in the first place.

The Wheel's Motors Have Died

If your game settings haven't changed, then the motors inside your wheel may have died. To get the wheel working again, you will need to replace the motors. To do this, follow our guide on replacing the motors.

The Gas Pedal Registers Without It Being Pushed Or Does Not Register At All

Even though the pedal isn't pressed down at all, the computer still registers the pedals being pushed. The pedals could also unresponsive to any movement.

Before you take apart the pedal box, unplug and replug the pedals into the wheel to see if that fixes the problem.

There Is Dust On The Pedal's Potentiometer

If unplugging the pedals did not fix the problem, there could be dust on the potentiometers. To access the potentiometers, you have to disassemble the pedal box first. You can use our Pedal Spring Replacement Guide to access the potentiometers. Once you have reached the potentiometers in the pedal box, use compressed air and a brush to wipe off any dust. Once you have cleaned them, reassemble the pedal box.

The Pedals Are Too Hard Or Too Easy To Press Down

The pedal doesn't feel quite right, it's either too easy to press, or too hard.

The Pedal's Springs Need To Be Changed

The springs inside the pedals may be worn out, or you may want stronger or weaker springs depending on the 'feel' you want. To access the springs, you have to disassemble the pedal box. To do this easily, follow our guide to replacing the pedal's springs. Pedal springs can be bought from Logitech or aftermarket companies. Contact Logitech or use eBay, Amazon, etc. to find an OEM spring. If you want to upgrade or change the stiffness of the spring, there are several aftermarket companies that make different springs. Some can be found here. GTEYE Springs Nixim Springs Once you have the desired spring, insert it back into the orange cylinder and assemble the pedal box. WARNING ANY AFTERMARKET MODIFICATIONS WILL VOID YOUR LOGITECH WARRANTY.

The Shifter Does Not Work In Game

The wheel and the pedal registers in game, but the H-shifter does not change the car's gears.

The 'car' Has A Sequential Or Dog Box Transmission

Some cars in many racing games have different transmissions from the traditional 6-Speed or H-Pattern shifter. If the car in the game uses a sequential transmission, the game will disable the H-Pattern shifter. Try to use the supplied paddle shifters to drive the car and see if it works.

The Shifter's Potentiometers have Failed

In some cases, the shifter will stop working because the potentiometers inside have failed. You will have to replace them in order to get your shifter working again. To do this, follow our guide on Shifter Potentiometer Replacement.

The Steering Wheel's Lights Do Not Work

The wheel's LED lights do not turn on or they do not respond to game's environment.

The Game Does Not Support The LED Lights

A majority of the games do not support or haven't developed drivers that support the G27 shift lights. This is a common issue an can be resolved only on PC. FANALEDS offers software that can override the game and force the LED lights to work in game. This can be downloaded here. FANALEDS Software This software is very easy to use and can be programmed to display user defined information, RPM, Alerts, Car settings, etc.

The LED's Are Broken

If the game supports the LED shift lights or if you downloaded the FANALEDS software and decided it still does not work, then the LED's could be broken or the LED connections are broken. To check the LED lights, see the first part of out G27 wheel tear down guide here. After gaining access to the lights, check to see if its contacts are intact and solder wires if necessary; see that guide here.

The Clamps on the Steering Wheel are Broken

The wheel can't attach to surfaces any more, because the clamps are broken.

To fix this, you will need to replace the clamps. To do this, follow our guide on Replacing the Wheel's C-Clamps.

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Hello, you can add to the shifter section :

Shifter buttons are all working well, but gear detection is faulty, either vertical or horizontal axes (x or y). Which is not a potentiometer problem (you can switch them to see the same axe isnt detected. Or test your shifter on another g27 wheel that is known to have no issue with it's shifter. You'll find that your shifter is working well. seems like the problem comes from the motherboard in the wheel base. have no clue how to fix this yet. unfortunatly.

Jim - Yanıt

Wheel feels like deadspot or flatspot no direct control in center position very loose then grabs

eckensweilerm - Yanıt

My wheel works well when i’m not with my h shifter plugged in, but, if i plug it in, i start to play any game for few minutes and then it turns off. I’ve noticed it, i’m having this issue only with my shifter plugged.

Caio Dallacqua - Yanıt

Both doesnt work (Tried to play with NFS rivals) and clutch cant work on other reasons pls help

Kent Bernardino - Yanıt

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