Microsoft Surface Troubleshooting

You are unable to turn your Surface Tablet on.

If your Tablet does not turn on while power adapter is plugged in or if there is no signal showing the Tablet is being charged, there is likely a problem with the tablet charger itself. You may need a new power adapter. A power adapter may be bought from third party websites, such as Dealfon.

If the Tablet loses power immediately after being disconnected from the power adapter, the battery pack may need to be replaced. At this time, replacement battery packs are not available for consumer purchase. The Battery Repair Guide will show you how to remove and re-install the battery pack.

If power adapter does not securely fit into the Tablet, the charging port might have lost its magnetic charge. In this case, you may need to install a new charging port. The charging port can be bought from Microsoft. The Charging Port Repair Guide will help you install the new charging port.

If the steps above does not provide a solution, the problem most likely lies internally with the motherboard. For the time being, a replacement motherboard is not available for purchase.

The Tablet turns on, but the display is completely black or very faint.

If you cannot see an image on the screen, check the display settings to make sure the brightness is up. Turn the brightness to its highest setting to make sure the brightness is functional. If the problem is solved by manually adjusting the display settings, you may want to disable the auto brightness settings.

If the Tablet turns on and runs but the screen appears to have no display, the problem may lie within the backlight. If a faint image can be seen on the screen with the help of a flashlight, the backlight may need to be replaced.

The Tablet turns on, but the screen is unresponsive to touch.

If the Tablet is unresponsive to the user's touch but otherwise appears to function normally, the problem may be a build of dirt or residue on the screen and the screen will need to be cleaned. First turn off your device. This makes the screen darker, so the dirt is easier to see. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe down the screen to remove all that unwanted dirt and residue. If you can't get the screen clean with a dry cloth you can apply a tiny amount of water to the cloth and try again. Avoid applying water directly to the screen as this could damage your device. Maintaining clean hands and screen will minimize any obstructions between the sensors and your fingers allowing the device to function properly.

Cracks and major scratches may affect the the accuracy of the touch screen. Screens that have an extensive network of cracks or have pieces missing may need to be replaced. If the screen needs to be replaced, you can buy one from Microsoft or other authorized retailers.

If the screen is unresponsive or inaccurate to the touch, then the calibration may be off. A basic or a full calibration can be preformed to attempt to fix the problem. The basic calibration can be run by double-clicking the Calibrate Vision System shortcut on the Microsoft Surface desktop. A full calibration can only be performed by running the "%ProgramFiles%\MicrosoftSurface\v1.0\CalibrateVS_v1.exe" /a command or by changing the properties of the Calibrate Vision System shortcut. More information on how to perform a full calibration can be found at Microsoft Support.

You try to use your camera but it does not work.

If the camera does not work, check the camera settings to make sure the camera is on. Test to see if either the front or the rear camera begins to work. If there is no change, the problem may be within the tablet.

On rare occasions the camera may become disconnected from the motherboard. The Camera Repair Guide will show you how to open your tablet safely and check to see if your camera has been disconnected. If the camera is connected, yet still does not function, the camera may need to be replaced.

The kick-stand does not open or close properly.

If your kick-stand does not open properly or close properly, the hinges of the stand may be stuck or damaged. Steps for how to repair the hinges can be found in the Kick-stand Repair Guide.

If the kick-stand is damaged or broken, it will need to be replaced.

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My Surface 2 goes into a Preparing Automatic Repair mode and keeps cycling through it never turning on the tablet to be used. Any ideas?

cadman54 - Yanıt

Cracked my screen and now it has a screen that says tpm,secure boot control ,exit setup but I can't turn it off and it's starting to feel hot. HELP!

piratesrule1 - Yanıt

My Surface touch problem can only solved by using tool here :

Tender Last - Yanıt

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