Your radio(s) won't turn on!!

Often times we overlook the simple things in life. If there aren't batteries in the radio, quickly find 3 AAA and insert them in the radio after removing the back cover. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

Also, be sure that you have placed the batteries correctly. (i.e. + to + and - to - terminals)

Firmly press and hold the power button for at least two seconds.

Sometimes you may get lucky and be able to revive electronics by removing the battery for a certain amount of time and trying to power it on again.

Steps to take:

  1. Remove the back cover of the radio and then remove the batteries (detailed here)
  2. Wait at least 15 seconds
  3. Place the battery back into the radio and put the back case on
  4. Attempt to turn on the radio

You aren't hearing any transmissions!

You won't be able to receive/send messages to the desired radio(s) if the radios are not on the same channel. There are 22 GMRS/FRS channel choices.

How to select a channel:

  1. Power on the radio
  2. Press the MODE button and with the arrows, scroll through to the desired channel
  3. Press the PTT button on the side or the MODE button to confirm your selection

Wouldn't it be nice if these radios could transmit from across the world? That would make phones obsolete! Unfortunately, the LXT118 has an 18-mile radius range, barring any interference.

Successful transmission, even within an 18-mile radius, may be prevented by obstructions such as buildings, mountains, or other structures. Try to get to an area with a more direct line of sight for transmission or simply a free area.

Do not panic! In all likelihood you are not going blind.

If the display is dim but still working, your batteries are running low on power. They will need to be replaced with new batteries by opening up the back cover and switching out the old batteries for new ones.

For a more detailed explanation of the process of removing the batteries, view our guide here

Nothing is happening!

If the KEY LOCK icon is present on the display then the keypad will not respond to button presses. To unlock a locked keypad, hold down the KEY LOCK button on the far left for two seconds.

Turn the radio off then wait ten seconds before turning it on again.

The buttons are slow to return to normal position or don't return at all!

Sometimes, small items like sand grains will hold the button down. Press firmly on the button to try to remove these annoying obstructions.

Things you'll need:

  • damp cloth
  • cotton swab
  • fingernail cleaner attachment (typically found on nail clippers)

Steps to take:

  1. Turn off radio and remove batteries
  2. Clean surface with damp cloth
  3. Rub cotton swab around edge perimeter

Press on button to see if contaminants have been dislodged

If not, carefully use the hook-end of the fingernail cleaner to rub around the perimeter. Use enough pressure to reach deeper around the buttons, but be sure not to use excessive force!

If the button is still stuck after this process, disassembly of the device will be necessary to reach behind the buttons. For this process, take a look at the disassembly photos and parts list.

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Hi, As yet I haven't figured out how to amend the link to the User Guide for this radio. The one in the Repair Guide no longer exists, so here is one that still works

jayeff - Yanıt

Wife and I on same channel. LXT560 Series. She hears my chain saw running over hers, even though I’m not transmitting. I’m clear off in the woods and so she hears me in the distance live, and suddenly over her 2way. What gives?

dee VANAD - Yanıt

That sounds like VOX mode auto transmitting the noise from your chainsaw. Turn off VOX and that should stop.

Adam Williams -

My husband took his about a mile away and tried to talk to me. I couldnt hear him at all, just a little static but he could hear me really clear. Is there a setting we need to change on one of them?

angelsamsel - Yanıt

My midland X talker will not unlock power comes on set on the charger for about four minutes and an error comes up UB I’ve tried everything on this planet to get it Unlock any help would be appreciated

Phillip - Yanıt

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