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The screen remains black and the phone shows no signs of power when holding the power button.

  • The phone battery may be drained. Plug the phone into its charger for several hours and then attempt to turn it on.
  • After charging the phone, it still will not turn on. The battery may be dead, in which case it is necessary to replace the battery. See Battery Replacement Guide.

Contacts will not save and contacts that were previously saved cannot be found.

  • The SIM card is used for data storage. A faulty SIM card may result in the loss of all data from the phone. In the case of a faulty SIM card, it is necessary to replace the SIM card to regain data storage capabilities. See SIM Card Replacement Guide.

It is difficult to hear the person speaking on the other end when placing or receiving phone calls.

  • Increase the volume by pressing the uppermost button on the left side of the phone.
  • Poor phone reception may be the result of low service in the current area. Move to a different location to improve reception, which will increase call clarity.
  • The antenna may be loose, causing a poor connection. Remove the antenna from the phone and then replace it firmly in the seat. To remove the antenna, see Antenna Replacement Guide.

Keys do not respond when typing numbers or text.

  • The keys may be sticking due to debris buildup on the keypad, making the keypad unresponsive. The cover for the keypad may be removed and replaced to fix this problem. See Keypad Replacement Guide.
  • The wiring for the keypad may be faulty. The wired component of the phone cannot be removed or replaced. In this case, the entire phone unit must be replaced.

No sound is heard when headphones are plugged into the phone.

  • The headphone port may be clogged with debris, causing it to malfunction. The problem may be solved by cleaning the headphone port. See Accessing Headphone Port Guide.
  • In the case that the headphone port has been cleaned but continues to be dysfunctional, the port is faulty. The headphone port cannot be removed from the phone. Therefore, the entire phone unit must be replaced.

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