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Parrot Bebop Drone Troubleshooting

The drone is a Wi-Fi capable and it is equipped with a built-in HD camera. It is used for taking pictures and filming. Model number: PF722000

Video Distortion ¶ 

You have trouble seeing the video feed from the camera.

Smudges on the Lens ¶ 

Take an eye glass cloth and clean the front camera lens to make the image clearer.

Bad Connection ¶ 

Disconnect the drone from the FreeFlight Pro app, then close the FreeFlight Pro app and turn off the drone and turn it on again. Reconnect the Bluetooth.

Broken/Defective Camera ¶ 

If your drone does not show a clear picture within the FreeFlight Pro app, the camera may be broken and needs to be replaced.

Drone will not connect to a smartphone or tablet ¶ 

The drone will not connect to a smartphone or tablet via WiFi.

Reset needed or outdated firmware ¶ 

To reset the drone press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. The LED will blink green and orange for a while, then green and the drone will shut down. If the drone's firmware has not been updated recently, an update can help solve your problem

Improper IP address ¶ 

In your phone or tablet's WiFi setting of the device go into the details of the connection and ensure the IP address is   The "xxx" can vary from either a single digit to three digit number.

Improper WiFi connection ¶ 

If already connected go into the WiFi setting of your device and select "Forget this network."  Restart your device and then go back and connect to the drone’s network. Then go into the FreeFlight Pro app and try connecting once again.

Battery does not charge ¶ 

The battery does not charge or charge fully.

Faulty battery charger ¶ 

Ensure the battery charger is functioning properly when a battery is connected and plugged into the wall. The light on the charger should illuminate red while charging and turn green when finished charging. If this is not the case, a new charger may be necessary.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

The battery may have been damaged, so make sure to check that your battery is free of any damage before using it. If it is, then follow these steps to replace the battery: unplug the battery to the parrot bebop drone power cable; If necessary, pull the string to access the power cable; Then, slide a new battery into its compartment and finally attach the strap to secure the battery.

Unstable Flight ¶ 

The drone is not stable during takeoff and flight.

Tilted During Takeoff ¶ 

Be sure to hit Flat Trim before each flight, which is located on the top left corner to the right of the Settings icon in the FreeFlight Pro app. If that does not work, restart your drone by simply turning it off by pressing the power button, or by unplugging the battery, then powering it back on again.

Weak Signal ¶ 

Since certain obstacles, such as buildings and powerlines, can interfere with the drone’s WiFi connection, simply try a new location which does not have as much obstacles.

Misaligned Gyroscope ¶ 

Using the FreeFlight App, go into settings and the press “Calibrate”. Then follow the instructions by replicating the animations shown. Once all the axes are shown as valid, the calibration is complete.

Improper Propeller Placement ¶ 

Make sure the propellers are in the correct position. Make sure the front-right and the rear-left motors have propellers with holes in the middle. The front-left and the rear-right motors should have propellers without holes in the middle.

Drone does not power on ¶ 

The AR Drone does not power on when the battery is connected.

Faulty battery ¶ 

Check to make sure the drone's battery is correctly seated and fully charged.

Reset needed or outdated firmware ¶ 

To reset the drone press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. The LED will blink green and orange for a while, then green and the drone will shut down. If the drone's firmware has not been updated recently, an update can help solve your problem

Faulty main board ¶ 

If the drone still does not turn on after following the previous steps, the main board on the drone may be faulty and need replacement.

11 Yorum

Bebop 1 not connecting to freeflight pro but can see WiFi signal

Lem Wright - Yanıt

Bebop1 will’nt stay connected after being connected …

Anthony Nance - Yanıt

I keep on losing Wi-Fi connection. It Conects and turns off.

roadrunner57 - Yanıt

Help me please

roadrunner57 - Yanıt

I bought a balanced charger and refreshed my batteries by running them through a discharge and then a balanced charge then when I plug the battery in the drone it shows 99% when i take off the battery power rill run down to 20% then slowly after about 5 minuets it runs down to 3% one time I was hovering about 3 feet up and the drone shut down and fell out of the sky now I’m afraid to fly it

Daniel Miller - Yanıt

It will damage lipo batterys to discharge them completely.. Never let the lipo go below 20%

namemyiseightone -

My drone won't power on at all, tried to charge the batteries it won't work I have 4 different batteries 2 different chargers…I highly doubt that they are all faulty…it worked 2 months ago haven't used my drone since now all of a sudden all my batteries wont work???? Both my chargers ??? Any ideas ?

costy alex - Yanıt

If you left them not in storage mode they might be dead. If you do some googling about LiPo batteries you might be able to get them back to life.

Good luck

Tomas Veselis -

Hi bebop2 power botton flashing red.! Cant hard reset nor dose it connect to app wifi says connected but no app connection, anyone know ways wrong..I can use sum help

tokkyoent - Yanıt

Hi tokkyoent, once you download the app on to your phone; put your phone in airplane mode and turn your wifi off on your phone. With your phone on and your controller and drone off, connect your phone to the controller. Then turn on the drone, then turn on your controller… when your drone and controller sync.. your app should start on your phone … you should be connected and can see the drone’s camera through your phone.

Don Jordan -

Hi, I do not know how to install update to my bebop drone through PC. Any help here?

Jie Li - Yanıt

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