TI-36X Pro Troubleshooting

You are having trouble getting your calculator to turn on.

If your device battery is dead or low, you will need to replace it. TI-36X Pro Battery Replacement gives instructions on how to replace the battery of a TI-36X Pro.

If your screen is set to a low contrast, it may seem like your device is off. Look closely for faint characters or a flashing cursor on the screen. To raise the contrast, press and release the "2nd" button and then press the "+" button. Do this several times to raise the contrast to a higher level. (You can lower the contrast by pressing and releasing the "2nd" button and then pressing the "-" button).

Characters on the display of your calculator are very faint or not present at all.

Different types of lighting and viewing angles can make the screen appear to be very dim. Try tilting the device or changing your current lighting to see if the screen becomes easier to read.

A very high high or low display contrast can make the screen hard to read. To adjust display contrast press and release the 2nd key and then press the + button to darken screen and the - button to brighten the screen.

If the batteries to your deice are low, then your screen may appear dim. To replace the batteries try our TI-36X Pro Battery Replacement Guide.

The solar panel provides some power to the screen. If it is broken, the screen might appear dim and hard to read. TI-36X Pro Solar Panel Replacementgives instructions on replacing the solar panel.

The buttons of your calculator don't work.

Having a dim screen can make it hard to see if the buttons are doing anything. Make sure that you can clearly see a flashing cursor. If not, you may need to adjust the contrast or your viewing angle.

Sometimes, having one button stuck will make the other buttons unresponsive. Make sure that there are no buttons stuck underneath your front panel.

Sometimes you will need to reset your calculator to make it work. Try turning it off and on again. If the problem is unsolved, or you are unable to use the power button, read this guide to learn how to fully reset your calculator.

If broken of misaligned, the buttons will not work properly. You can follow TI-36X Pro Button Replacement Guide to replace a broken button.

Turn calculator off and on. If problem continues, check to see if any buttons are stuck or partially pressed. Next, check to make sure that the screen is working. Screen is working properly if there is a flashing cursor displayed.

Display is visible, but unresponsive.

Resetting the calculator can solve many problems. Following this guide will show you how to fully reset your device. Caution: Resetting your calculator will delete your history of equations.

''Calculator is stuck in another language that you can't read."

Resting the calculator's software will wipe all memory and return it to factory settings. To reset your calculator, place it face-down on a flat surface. Use a pen or pencil to press and hold the small, silver button located at the base of the calculator for 1 second. Turn the calculator over; your screen should read "MEMORY CLEARED." Press the "clear" button and your calculator should be back to normal.

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error — integral Cos(π x) dx range 0 to .5 I get .499937368 —- I should get 1/π or .318309886

can anyone confirm error or tell what I did wrong

Raymond Low - Yanıt

You’re in degree mode when you want to be in radians.

George -

I have a problem with my TI-36X II , when i turn it on i see the clock symbol in the 1st line and -8/ in the 2nd line and its blinking , can u help me ?

akaveljko - Yanıt


When I enter the following I always get a SYNTAX ERROR message but it is NOT a

syntax error.. wont let me put special characters in so i’ll do it this way..

(-2)sq + 3 (-2) -7 Press enter answer should be -9

but I always get SYNTAX ERROR

For a better explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6At4l9tH...

Kelley enters (-2)sq + 3 (-2) -7 Presses enter answer should is -9

Any help or suggestions appreciated.. Thanks John

akie hara - Yanıt

i get syntax error also

Tess Obert - Yanıt

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