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Troubleshooting Razor A2

The Razor A2 is the second model of the famous Razor A scooter. Released in 2000, the A2 features an added front suspension and a wheelie bar.

Wheels have trouble spinning

The wheels do not spin as well as they should or feel bumpy when riding.

Debris between the wheels

After you ride your scooter for a while, dirt and debris may build up between the wheels and their axles. This can slow and even stop the spin of the wheel. A good fix is simply removing the wheel for cleaning and oiling. Visit our replacement guide to learn how to remove wheels before applying oil. [link]

Wheels too loose/tight

If the wheels seem to not spin smoothly, the wheels may need adjusting. You can use an Allen wrench to adjust the wheel bolt on both sides. Turn clockwise (right) to tighten and counter-clockwise (left) to loosen. Turn until the wheel is spinning comfortably.

Chipped wheels

Chipped wheels have no easy fix. The wheels will have to be replaced. Visit our wheel replacement guide for instructions on replacing the wheel. [link]

Flattened wheels

Flattened wheels are over-worn. Riding with flattened wheels is dangerous. This can cause a "bumpy" ride which can lead to serious injury. If your wheel's edge has been shaved down to a flat surface, you should replace it. Visit our wheel replacement guide to learn how to replace your wheels. [link]

Brakes rest on wheel

Brake is resting on top of wheel causing excess friction, greatly slowing travel.

Spring loosened, deformed, broken

Check under the brake plate to see if the spring is cracked. It is unlikely but possible that the brake spring could have snapped or deformed. This is dangerous and should be dealt with immediately. Visit our brake replacement guide to learn how to replace your brake. [link]

Brake doesn't push hard enough on the wheel

The brake does not make significant contact with the wheel to decelerate.

Wheels too run down

If the wheels are flattened or deformed too much, the brake will not press hard enough. Visit our wheel replacement guide.

Spring broken/ deformed

Check under the scooter and press on the brake. Check if the spring is letting the brake close. If not, you can either try to bend the spring back into place or replace it entirely.

Other problems with the brake

Brakes are the most complicated component of the Razor A2. Due to their frequent use they can be damaged easily.

Brakes chipped or snapped in two

Brakes usually do not work when in pieces. If you managed to snap the brake, replace it. For how to replace brakes, visit our brake replacement guide. [link]

Brake gets too hot when in use

Brakes create a lot of friction and do heat up through normal use. There is no fix to this. Be sure to wear shoes when operating your scooter. Avoid large hills and do not brake for extended periods of time.

T Bar is unstable

T Bar shakes or wobbles when riding.

Folding hinge not locked in place

Commonly, the hinge that allows you to fold the scooter can make the handlebar wobbly. Make sure the hinge near the front wheel is locked in place so that the scooter won’t be folding while in use.

Handlebars are loose

Cannot turn the scooter easily or handlebars shake.

Fastening Button

The fastening buttons are the pair of gold painted buttons that link the top center of the T Bar with the handlebars. Be sure that the fastening buttons are correctly aligned with their holes. If they are not aligned, the handlebars may come out while the scooter is in use. If a button is missing, visit our fastening button replacement guide. [link]

Broken String

The string that connects each handlebar together may be snapped. This can cause the handling to be rather shaky. You may want to replace the string, which requires taking out the handlebars. Visit our guide to handlebar replacement here. [link]

Missing Handlebar

If you are missing a handlebar somehow, visit our handlebar replacement guide. [link]

Scooter won't fold

Cannot fold/unfold scooter for storage or use.

Not holding scooter in the correct position

Folding/Unfolding the scooters requires you to hold it in a very particular manner. To unfold the scooter, first place the scooter on the ground. Steady the deck with your foot and push the joint release lever down. Slowly raise the T Bar until it is in it's fully upright position. The joint release lever will lock into place when you have raised the T bar up far enough.

To fold the scooter, steady the deck with your foot. push the joint release lever down and lower the T Bar. The joint release lever should again lock when you have fully lowered it.

Visit the Owner's Manual for a visual guide of unfolding the scooter.

Joint-release Lever needs cleaning

Usually when a scooter has trouble folding in or out, it is due to a sticky joint-release lever. To fix this you must remove the joint-release lever, clean off and oil, and then re-install. Visit our Joint-release Latch replacement guide. [link]

T Bar and front wheel do not align

Your scooter will not travel straight, despite being pointed straight ahead.

T Bar is misaligned into collar clamp

If your wheel does not point in the same direction as the T Bar, your Razor A2 needs to be realigned. To do this, use an Allen wrench to loosen the collar clamp found at the base of the T Bar. Align the T Bar so that the handle bars are perpendicular to the deck. Grasp the T Bar firmly with one hand and turn the wheel so that it is aligned perpendicular to the handlebars. Finally, tighten the collar clamp to it's original position.

Wrong Direction

Your T Bar might be facing the wrong direction. Try turning it around 180 degrees.

Wheelie bar gets in the way of the brake

The wheelie bar makes it difficult to use the brake.

Scooter is too compact

If the wheelie bar is constantly being hit when you try to brake, it may simply be that the scooter is too small. The Razor A2 is fairly small, and many adults may not be able to comfortably ride it. If this is the case for you, consider upgrading to a newer model built for larger riders, such as the Razor A5 Lux. You can also visit our wheelie bar replacement guide to simply remove the wheelie bar. [LINK]

Rear foot is too far back

The brake and wheelie bar are quite close together. It may just be that you're accidentally hitting the wheelie bar instead of the brake. This can be dangerous, especially near traffic or at high speeds. Consider practicing using the brakes in an empty area at low speeds until you are comfortable enough to not hit the wheelie bar. Or, you can just remove the wheelie bar entirely using our guide. [LINK]

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